Thursday, September 20, 2018
By DC Wedding Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It was just this past spring that I had first met K for her bridal boudoir photography session - a unique wedding gift for her husband-to-be on their wedding day.  I hadn't expected her to be in need for another photography session so soon after her wedding, but of course I was delighted to hear from her.


"Our wedding photographer was great, but we couldn't really see the veil in the bridal portraits, so my mom and I were talking, and in order for me to be truly happy, I'd like to do a separate bridal portraits session with you."


"What about Dan?" I asked.  "Do you also want more bride & groom portraits?"  K thought that was a great idea as well, as she felt that their wedding photographer also didn't capture as many close-ups of the two of them together as K would have liked.  K also loved the various furniture and settings that we have at our Maryland photo studio and wanted to do these bridal portraits and wedding portraits at our photo studio as opposed to outdoors.


I was so excited to get to meet Dan after having created that beautiful bridal boudoir photography album as Dan's wedding day gift.  And OMG!!!!!!  K in her wedding gown... stunningly beautiful!  She looked just like a princess.  Simply breathtaking!  I'm so very happy that K called me for these post-wedding bridal portraits and wedding portraits.


One of the wedding portraits that K really wanted was of her and Dan lying on the floor on top of her dress.  So I positioned them under a chandelier and climbed up on a ladder to photograph them through the chandelier.  That bride & groom portrait (1st portrait above) ended up being my absolute favorite of all their wedding portraits, and it was K's favorite as well, which she chose for us to print as a 24x36" canvas gallery wrap.  K's mom also came to her "photo reveal," and chose the full-length bridal portrait of K sitting on the staircase with her ultra-long veil cascading down the steps below her as a 30x40" art print that we are also custom-framing for her.


Enjoy this small peek into K and Dan's stunning bridal portraits and wedding portraits.  I'll post photos of their finished artwork soon!


Has your wedding day passed, leaving you unsatisfied with your bridal portraits or wedding portraits?  It's not too late.


Thursday, September 13, 2018
By DC Commercial Photographers - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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I first photographed Natasha back in 2011 as her wedding photographer. We had SO...MUCH...FUN! Three years later in 2014, Natasha got back in touch, this time in her capacity as National Director of the non-profit, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids. Her organization put on many special events, and she'd had enough with the lack of great photography to promote their work. So that time, I developed a photography workshop to teach her staff the basics of photography. Now, four years later in 2018, Natasha had changed jobs and is now the Vice President of Strategy and Development for the Opportunity Institute. And this time, the following e-mail popped into my inbox:


"Well well my friend, I am finally circling back to have the discussion about professional headshots. I am actually ccing my Communications Director, K, as well! (K, I have known Irene for years. She shot my wedding, and she does amazing professional headshots...) My new organization, OI, is about 19 people, with 4 in DC, and the rest in California. Are you able to quote us for professional headshots for the DC crew, and perhaps give guidelines that a San Francisco headshot photographer could mimic? We are in desperate need of uniform headshots..."

Next stop, a strategy conference call with Natasha and K to discuss their vision for their professional headshots. 


"We don't have any professional headshots of our staff on the website.  We want faces to go with the names in order to build trust, and we want people to see the diversity in our staff.  We want to look professional, but approachable, and we want anyone looking at the California and Washington DC headshots to assume they were done by the same headshot photographer," said Natasha.
"I like the blurred background and crisp foreground in your headshots," added K.  "We don't want to see anything that indicates a high-end environment," she continued.


We talked over a number of location possibilities for their Washington DC professional headshot session and finally settled on Rockville Town Center in Maryland - one of my favorite locations for professional headshot photography. And voilá! Here are some of the staff favorites. Enjoy!


Don't wait another moment to make an amazing first impression.

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Thursday, September 06, 2018
By McLean Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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How many truly amazing family portraits do you have? How many of them are locked away in an e-mail or social media account that you can't remember the password to? How many of them were lost in a hard drive crash? How many were lost when you lost your phone? How many of them have you printed out and displayed in your home on a wall or in a photo album? And with you being a busy mom or dad, likely behind the camera most of the time, how many of these family portraits actually include YOU?


In her article, "Are We Breeding a 'Lost Generation' Who Won't Have Photo Albums to Capture Their Lives?" Julia Llewellyn Smith mulls over the fact that while her 10-year old daughter delights in looking at family portraits of her mom as a child, when her daughter asks, "Where are the pictures of my Christmases?" Julia shamefully answers that she's unsure.


So don't let your children become part of the "lost generation." Instead, give your children a solid sense of their past with professional family photography in conjunction with heirloom wall art and custom, heirloom-quality photography albums.


Need ideas?  Check out the family photography album we custom-designed and printed for the M. family from their indoor-outdoor, in-home fall family pictures session in McLean, Virginia.  The M's chose a premium black leather cover for their 10x10 size, 22-page family photography album with an elegant art linen inside paper.

Thursday, August 30, 2018
By Bethesda Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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The Dalwadi's past family photography experiences were all studio portrait sessions at cookie-cutter photography studios like Sears and JC Pennys.  "I didn't really like the photos," Mrs. D told me.  "I like interactive family photos and would love to do this family photography session outdoors."  While the weather didn't quite cooperate with us in the beginning, we eventually met up with Mrs. D. and her husband, and almost 5-year old son and 2-yr old daughter at Bethesda, Maryland's Cabin John Regional Park"You captured the best family photos we've ever had!" Mrs. D. said at their "photo reveal" and ordering appointment.  Yay!


Fall is almost upon us and is a gorgeous time of the year for family photography.  Enjoy beautiful fall colors in priceless, heirloom-quality fall family pictures to be passed on and appreciated for generations!

It's time to schedule your fall family pictures session!

Thursday, August 23, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It's so very important that you not allow your stunningly beautiful boudoir photography to waste away on a computer hard drive, which is why, as an artistic boudoir photographer, I love sharing with you different ways to display and enjoy your revealing boudoir photography. Today, we're sharing our clients' favorite 6-piece love grouping for over the master bed, with a warning that this isn't for the shy!

This is a very popular boudoir photography layout for large walls like the one behind a master bed because it fills a horizontal wall space. Just imagine hanging only the central image. While that wall portrait alone isn't small, it would look very small by itself on a queen bed-length wall.

There are also some easy variations we can make of this boudoir photography grouping, such as:


(1) If the image you want to place in the 16x20 slot can't be cropped, you can also make the 16x20 a 16x24.


(2) If you prefer symmetry, substitute two 11x14s for the 16x20 or substitute a 16x20 for the two 11x14s, and make the two end pieces the same size as well.


(3) If you have a king-sized bed, you can easily add 10 inches in length to this revealing boudoir photography arrangement. Simply change the 20x30 to 24x36, the 16x20 to 16x24, and the 10x10 to 12x12. Then, space each boudoir photography piece two inches apart instead of 1 inch apart.


Are you too shy for boudoir photography wall portraits? Ask us about a handcrafted boudoir photography album instead.

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