Monday, October 16, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Professional Headshots & Commercial Photographer
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Do you have a business website? If not, check out Kaz Design Works’ 8 reasons why your business needs a website. If you already have your business website up and running, then the next question is… does your business website have any or enough photos on it? Read on for why you should add professional photography to your business website, as well as ideas on types of imagery to include.



1. Adding professional headshots and other commercial photography to your website simply makes you look more professional. The more professional you and your business look, the more trustworthy you look. The greater the trust, the more likely a prospective client is to pick up the phone, call you, and ultimately hire you! Conversely, a bad headshot and other un-professional photography is sure to create exactly the opposite impression and will scare people away.

2. Heard the saying, "A photograph says 1000 words"? Lack of a photograph says - maybe not 1000 words – but more than enough, and in a negative way. Lack of professional photography on your website implies a lack of investment in your image and business. And if you – the business owner or employees – aren’t willing to invest in your own image and company, then why should prospective clients invest in you?



3. How are you and your business different from your competitors? Is it your personal touch? Your caring and compassion? Your innovation? With the right professional headshots and business portraits, the qualities that make you better than your competition will shine on your website.


(Note: Are you one of the many who has trouble giving a genuine smile when being photographed? In that case, it will be extra important for you to find a headshot photographer who can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And, if innovation and creativity are key qualities in your business, then go for a set of environmental business portraits that are as creative and unique as you.)

Are you a numbers person? Do you need to see statistics for me to prove my point? Then consider these:



4.  The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely s/he is to contact you or purchase a product.  Add a photograph to every page of your website, and you could increase average time on site by 250%.


5. You’re no doubt an expert in your arena. Share your expertise by blogging, and watch search engines drive traffic to your website. While the more text the better search engine-wise, you can increase views of your articles by 94% simply by adding photography.



6. When you add photography to your website or blog, it will be pulled into image search so that your website comes up not just in text searches, but also image searches. This is big, because consumers are 60% more likely to consider/contact a business when local search results include an image.



7. A whopping two-thirds (67%) of consumers say that on e-commerce sites, “the quality of a product image is ‘very important’ in selecting and purchasing a product.” In fact, a greater % of consumers rate quality of the image as more important than product-specific details, a long description, or even reviews and ratings. While your website may not be an e-commerce site, think of how this translates. This means that the quality of your professional headshot or other website imagery (like the portfolio of a home remodeler, interior decorator, event designer, or cake artist) is more important than anything you could possibly write on your website!

8. Have big news to share? Write a press release that includes a photo and video and increase views by more than 45%.



9. Are you or are you interested in advertising on Facebook or other social media platforms? On Facebook, the engagement rate for posts with photos is 37% higher than for text-only posts. 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook include a photo.



Now that you're convinced of the need to add professional photography to your website, stay tuned for a future blog post with ideas of types of commercial photography to include.


Can't wait?  Need a brainstorming partner?

Monday, October 16, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Pet Photography
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For today's cat photography of Tashie & Kita, brother & sister cat, we wanted to do something different. Something quirky. Something funny. Something to bring laughs and smiles to every face that gazes upon them. So we took the glass top off a coffee table and set the glass across two end tables. I - the cat photographer - then lay down on my back beneath the glass.


Of course, we also needed treats to draw these two kitties in, and because Kita & Tashie don't get kibble every day, a handful of it did just the trick. I just love the resulting images! They just make me laugh and laugh and laugh. I love seeing their little pink toes and white furry bellies and even their teeth, all frozen in time.


Since this cat photography session, Kita - the black-nosed sweetie - had surgery and had to have all her teeth extracted.  You'll be happy to hear, though, that she recovered in record time and can still eat all the kibble she wants!  She simply swallows it whole!  

Get priceless cat photography of your own furry feline family members.

Want quirky, funny pet photography of your own precious darlings?

Monday, October 09, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Maryland Baby Photographer
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Oh my goodness, I am telling 100% the honest truth when I say that little Ivan gets cuter and cuter every single time we see him! We've had the great honor as his baby photographer to follow this little boy from when he was still in Momma's belly for mom & dad's maternity photography session to his holiday newborn photography session when he was just 10 days new to his 4-month baby photography session, up to now, when he is an entire 8.5 months old!


His hair has grown in a lot since his 4-month at-home, springtime baby photography session, and dad told us that he brushed it after the Belgian cartoon character, Tintin. How adorable! What has not changed in the least is all the love and attention that is showered on him every minute of every day by his mom & dad and aunt & grandma.


For this baby photography session, his mom & dad chose to go to Cabin John Regional Park in Bethesda, MD, a location that another family photography client had introduced me to last year. We walked over a wooden bridge, along a pebbly stream and on dirt paths to enjoy the shade of an enormous old tree. Enjoy some of my favorite images from Ivan's 8.5 month baby photography session!  (The image with the group of leaves that are seemingly floating above his head is so funny... and 100% real!)


Little Ivan and his parents are one of our baby photography plan VIPs.

Have a child on the way or a baby under 6 months of age?

You're eligible for a baby photography plan too!

Monday, October 02, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Senior Portrait Photographer
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When Emma & her mom came over to our Maryland photography studio for Emma's pre-session planning & design meeting for her (belated) senior portraits, her mom saw our albums and the gears in her mind began turning. Her mom didn't envision hanging large wall portraits from Emma's senior portrait session in their home, so a custom-designed album is a beautiful way to still retain, display, and enjoy their daughter's photographs for years to come. And sure enough, after Emma's senior portraits session at beautiful Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, Emma's mom & dad chose 20 of their favorite senior portraits for a classically-designed Artful Album with a champagne floral fabric cover, art linen paper, and white backgrounds. Here are a few of my favorite spreads - enjoy!


And, many thanks for Emma's mom for writing this 5-star google review of our senior portraits!

Monday, September 25, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Classy Boudoir Photography
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I. did a few years in school in photography, film & art direction. At various points in her life, she was a professional makeup artist, producer of burlesque shows, and lingerie boutique owner in New York! The one constant was that she had always wanted to do a boudoir photography session, but then, along came children and the best-laid plans derailed! Years later, I. was committed to finally getting this boudoir photography session done, this time as a gift to her husband.

Having owned that lingerie boutique, she came to her pre-session planning & design meeting with a suitcase of lingerie in tow, explaining that lingerie companies used to send her free samples all the time. We had plenty to choose from! My favorite is the black lace 1-piece. I wish I could show you the boudoir photos of her in that outfit taken from the back, but they are just too sexy for the internet! You'll have to come over to our boudoir photography studio to get a glimpse of those ultra-flattering boudoir photos! In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites from I's luxe & classy boudoir photography session at our DC boudoir studio in suburban Maryland!