Friday, February 16, 2018
By Maryland Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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On our first phone call, Laura explained:


"I was looking at your website, and some of what I saw... your bio, charitable giving, photography classesfamily photography portfolio... the way you capture things... is very similar to our former family photographer, who we loved. I just got off the phone with another professional photographer, and then pulled up your website to call you... your family photography portfolio is the one that stood out...
We've been in Virginia for a year now but missed our son's 1st birthday pictures having lost our previous family photographer because of the move. Our son will be 2 in December, and our daughter just turned 4. I like that you have a photography studio - we definitely want a studio photography session because it's getting colder out. Plus, we don't want the kids running off... they need smaller, more confined spaces!
Ideally, we'd like to hang our family photos as well as give gift prints to grandparents and aunts & uncles.  I saw the room view explanation on your home decor page, and that was awesome.  That's something that our previous family photographer didn't do.  In our last house, a friend who was an interior designer put up a collage wall for us.  I don't have an interior designer bone, which is why we don't currently have any family photography on the walls of our current house.  I'm always second guessing what things will look like, which is why I loved your room view service."


Several weeks later, we spoke again.


"We had smash cake photos done for our daughter's 1st birthday - we really went all out on it.  Then, our son came along, and we moved when he was just 6 months old... so we moved away from our family photographer who we had grown to love.  We moved here to Virginia, and when our son's 1st birthday came around, I was overwhelmed.  I didn't know where to look for a family photographer, and I just gave up.
Now, our son's 2nd birthday is almost here, and I saw a link on your Facebook page to a blog post where you did a paint smash for another family.  Can we do a birthday paint smash as part of our family photography session with you?"

We scheduled the T's family photography session for 1 1/2 months later in mid-January, and their in-person planning & design meeting for December.  On Tuesday, Mrs. T. will be picking up her two wall portrait love groupings, comprised of seven standouts, in addition to gift prints for family!  Enjoy some of our favorites from their studio family photography & birthday paint smash session!

Friday, February 09, 2018
By Headshot Photographer Maryland - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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I first met Stuart at a headshot photography event this past November that we had held in partnership with the Bar Foundation of Montgomery County, MD. In addition to a studio professional headshot on a grey backdrop, Stuart also wanted a series of environmental business headshots for her new website.  In addition, she was going to be featured on the cover of the January/February 2018 edition of Attorney at Law Magazine, and the magazine needed a selection of business portraits for the editor to choose from.


Stuart wanted to do her second business portrait session in a library and sent me a link to the website of the Howard University Law Library in Washington DC.  Of course, as a business portrait photographer, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous, expansive architecture of the library, which I immediately knew would make for a stunning backdrop.  Plus, the director of the law library was wonderfully gracious and accommodating of our business portrait session.  What more could a headshot photographer ask for?!


Check out the fantastic magazine cover and profile story here!

And here are some more of Stuart's business portrait picks for her new website.

And many thanks to Stuart for writing an awesome 5-star review of our business portrait photography services on Yelp!

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Friday, February 02, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Be honest with yourself. If you haven't yet done a revealing boudoir photography session, WHY? I love LOVE LOVE boudoir photography, including plus size boudoir photography. It's one of my favorite types of photography. After all, what could possibly be better than creating gorgeous, glamorous, classy images of women that make them feel amazing about themselves? So why haven't you done it yet?


Is it because you don't feel sexy or glamorous? Is it because you feel like you look awkward in photos and don't know how to pose? Is it because you've been perpetually waiting to lose weight? Banish those thoughts and do not believe a single word of that negative little voice in your head!


You are beautiful the way you are, regardless of body shape or size. You do NOT need to be a specific size to enjoy gorgeous and revealing boudoir photography! Nor are you too old for boudoir photography. I have created beautiful, revealing boudoir photography for many women in their 50's and 60's. I recently had a 64-year old boudoir photography client bring her 85-year old mother to her "photo reveal," and her mother LOVED her daughter's revealing boudoir photography!


It's your boudoir photographer's job (my job!) to make you feel comfortable; guide you into natural and relaxed-looking positions; analyze your body type and facial features to identify the most flattering lighting, camera angles, and posing; and make you feel and look more sexy and glamorous than you could never imagine. You do NOT have to be a master of posing. Your job is to get yourself in the door. MY job as your boudoir photographer is to make you look and feel amazing!!!

Monday, January 29, 2018
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Model Photographer
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Since she was a little girl, modeling agents and professional photographers had been stopping Madison's mom on the streets to ask if she was interested in child modeling photography and if they could photograph her. Now, as a teen, Madison finally confessed to her mom that she's been wanting to model for a while. And as a supportive mom, she chose to encourage and support Madison's dreams, and so, she headed to google to find a Maryland model photographer, and voila!


Here are some of our favorite model headshots and other teen modeling photography from Madison's model portrait session at our Clarksburg, MD photography studio. Madison was a fantastic model portrait subject, patient, open, and responsive to guidance, and clearly enjoying being in front of the camera... every model photographer's dream!  Enjoy!


Is your child interested in modeling?


Support his/her dreams with model headshots and model portrait photography that will open a world of doors.

And a big thank you to Madison's mom for writing an awesome online review of our model headshot and model portrait services!

Monday, January 22, 2018
By Senior Portrait Photographer and Headshot Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It was almost three years ago that we worked with Shannon's older sister, Emily, on Emily's artistic senior portraits & acting headshots. Every time I spoke with Shannon's mom since then, she talked about eventually bringing Shannon to our Maryland senior portrait photography studio when it was time for her senior portraits, so I was super excited when the time finally arrived!


Just like her older sister, Shannon is very involved in acting and theatre, with both of them being represented by agencies now. In addition to senior portraits to preserve the memories of her final year of high school, Shannon also wanted one or more edgy/quirky acting headshots for her promo materials and website that she's working on. While this would be Shannon's first time working with a professional photographer, having previously done all her own acting headshots herself, she was most excited about getting an amazing senior portrait on canvas to go up next to her sister's canvas senior portrait on the wall of their family home. Classic, simple, beautiful, fashionable, and personality-filled were the words Shannon and her mom chose to describe the senior portraits they were envisioning!

Shannon was so busy touring colleges and going to theatre rehearsals that she didn't have time for the pre-session planning & design meeting that we normally do before our senior portrait sessions. So when Shannon and her mom and dad arrived at our Maryland photography studio a few days before Christmas for her senior portrait session, we began with a little studio tour to explore setups, props, and backdrops. Shannon's sister, Emily, had chosen our hardwood staircase, silver sofa area, and purple & aqua area for her senior portraits three years earlier. Shannon's favorite color was a self-confessed "sparkle," so of course, she would choose the same purple sofa, but paired with our brand new copper sequin backdrop, in addition to the same silver sofa area and a simple grey backdrop setup for the envisioned acting headshots.


In the end, Shannon proved to be just as amazing, fun, and beautiful a subject, as her sister, Emily, was three years ago. And, as a senior portrait photographer, I happily played around with some new creative ideas, including creating a chevron pattern on some of the grey backdrop photographs by placing a piece of paper with a chevron pattern cutout in front of a background light, and then adding a colored gel to the background light to turn it blue/purple.


Oh what fun! Congratulations to Shannon, Class of 2018! I surely can't wait to see both Shannon and her sister on Broadway one day!


High school senior in the house? Leave the boring senior portraits to the school photographer, because our senior portrait photographer does edgy, modern, and fashion-forward only!