3 More Professionals who Incorporated Their Jobs into Their Business Portraits
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Monday, April 01, 2019
By DC Business Portrait Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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In a previous post, we showed you three examples of professionals (engineers, wedding & event designers, and conservationists) who incorporated their jobs into their environmental business portraits. Here are three more examples from other industries as food for thought. What do you think? Would incorporating your job into your business portraits make sense for you?

1.  Nutritionist

This Washington DC nutritionist was embarking on a new business venture for cognitive health and needed professional business portraits for the new website. The kitchen of our Maryland photography studio was the perfect venue.  Read more about this nutritionist's business portrait session here.

Other location ideas for nutritionists:


  • A garden or orchard with growing or ripe fruits & veggies
  • The fresh produce aisle of a grocery store

2. Home Remodeler

Jesse Allen Smith of J Allen Smith Design/Build in Ijamsville, MD chose to use a kitchen they were in the process of remodeling in Silver Spring (top left, bottom right below), as well as the office he had designed (top right below) as the backdrop for his and his team's environmental business portraits. In the bottom left image, also created at their office, we featured an architectural drawing on the computer screen to show off one of their award-winning kitchen designs.  Read more about this business portrait session here.

Another idea for home remodelers:


  • Have your designs been featured in magazines or magazine covers? If so, you've probably framed a number of them and have them proudly hanging in your office. Let's use that as a backdrop!

3.  Attorney

Stuart Skok, Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney, of Rockville, MD needed new business portraits both for her new website and social media accounts, as well as for a feature and magazine cover in Attorney at Law Magazine. We created her business portraits at the beautifully designed Howard University Law Library in Washington DC.  Read more about Stuart's law library magazine cover session here.

Other location ideas for attorneys:


  • Inside a courtroom
  • Outside a courtroom

Need a brainstorming partner to help you with ideas for your own creative business portraits?

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