Boudoir Photography Gets Expressive & Painterly When Dragging the Shutter
Monday, May 06, 2019
By Creative DC Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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As a wedding photographer, I have long enjoyed a photography technique called "dragging the shutter" when photographing wedding receptions. "Dragging the shutter" is a way to balance the ambient light in the reception hall with the flash I use to light wedding guests on the dance floor. I would take it a step further by employing a much longer shutter speed than necessary and purposefully moving my camera while taking the picture. This would result in my subject being perfectly in focus, with the background lighting looking like it was moving or spinning. It wasn't until many years later, though, that it occurred to me to transfer this technique to boudoir photography.


~ the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work ~


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