Casual Team Photos and Business Headshots. Sustain Creativity. Rockville, MD Headshot Photographer.
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
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I was first introduced to Sustain Creativity through a mutual acquaintance, and the timing just so happened that both of us needed the other’s services. Sustain Creativity is a Rockville-based company providing personalized marketing solutions to businesses, and in their case, they were in the market for a business headshot photographer for combination team photos and business headshots. What I loved most about working with Sustain Creativity is that… well… they’re creative and have a refined eye for and appreciate creative photography! And so we started out with a team photo indoors on the staircase of their office building in Rockville Town Center, Maryland and made the cool-looking graphic shot below. Then we headed outdoors for more casual team photos, then individual business headshots with each person. Fun, fun, fun!


Do you have an appreciation for creative photography?

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