Equine Photography: A Story of 3 Rescue Horses
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Maryland Pet Photographer & Equine Photographer
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We were recently honored to have the opportunity to meet and photograph three rescue horses: Caroline, Henry, and Charlie.


In 2014, a PETA fieldworker noticed Henry and Caroline, severely malnourished, and apparently abandoned. Upon further inquiry, PETA discovered that the horses' owner had moved away months earlier. A neighbor's brother was charged with caring for the horses, but Henry & Caroline were severely neglected. Today, Caroline & Henry have found a loving home on Alysoun's beautiful Rescue Ranch in Thurmont, MD. (Read more about Henry & Caroline here.)


Even better, today, Caroline & Henry have another companion - Charlie - a former racehorse who, in a PETA investigation, was drugged and forced to race for years through multiple fractures and injuries. Finally on the brink of a fatal breakdown, PETA rescued Charlie and found a home for him on Alysoun's Rescue Ranch. (Read Charlie's story here.)


Alysoun's Rescue Ranch, with rooms also available through Airbnb, is a beautiful, 14-acre, property north of Frederick, MD. As we traipsed through open fields to create these horse portraits, the three beauties would gallop past us, heading out to graze. They seemed like wild horses, and clearly the best of friends, it was so very sweet how they seemed to go everywhere together. We were so absolutely blown away at the love and care that Alysoun has dedicated to building this beautiful rescue ranch. These three horses (and the other rescue cats and dogs currently living on the property) are so very, very lucky to call Alysoun's Rescue Ranch home.



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