Liz & Tim: Forever Wed. Northern Virginia Wedding Photography at Stonewall Golf Club.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer
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When we arrived at Stonewall Golf Club to photograph Liz & Tim’s northern Virginia wedding, I knocked on the door of the bridal area and entered to a flurry of activity. Liz was sitting in a chair by the window, her makeup artist hovering over her. She greeted me happily, and as I looked around the room at the hustle and bustle of the bridesmaids and listened to the joyful tones of conversation, I couldn’t help but smile also, the first of many that day.


We started with photography of the details, creating a space in front of a series of windows to hang and photograph the wedding gown, then Liz’s shoes and garter, jewelry and of course wedding rings. And then while waiting for the makeup artist to finish, we headed off in search of Tim and his groomsmen for their groom’s side photography and formal portraits. The guys were up for some fun and I created some awesome photographs of their running jumps on a beautiful hill at the edge of the golf greens. After photographing the guys, we headed back to the girls for Liz’s finishing touches of makeup. Then, the big moment comes for Liz to put on her wedding gown. Many hands reach forward, some buttoning the back of her dress, others straightening the bottom. The hands recede and oohs and aahs ensue. And yes, as you see for yourself in the wedding photography, Liz is gorgeous in her ball gown-style wedding dress!


Thirty minutes later on the terrace of Stonewall Golf Club, I find myself waiting for Liz to appear with great anticipation. And sure enough, the crowd quiets. Everyone turns and stands. And a moment later, escorted by her father, Liz is standing on the top step of the terrace. I take that first photograph of the bride and then turn to catch Tim’s wide smile and admiring gaze. During the ceremony, I too smile many times as I photograph Liz. When she says “I do,” she leans forward and looks up at Tim with wide eyes. Moments later, during the ring exchange, she holds up Tim’s wedding band in endearing dramaticism before placing it on his finger.


After the wedding ceremony, we gather for the wedding party photography and then the bride & groom’s formal wedding portraits. As I photograph, I notice how Liz carries herself with such style, and elegance! And Tim stands comfortably beside her, her other half. As they turn towards each other, and Tim takes her in his arms and leads her in a dance, they pause at the end, Tim leans forward, and dips her gracefully back.


Later, during the wedding reception, the bride & groom surprise Liz’s parents with their own smaller wedding anniversary cake to celebrate 40 years of loving marriage. And Liz leans her head against Tim’s chest. And during the toasts, I photograph Liz gazing into Tim’s eyes, and then Tim into hers. And finally, towards the end of the night, the DJ calls the last song. And it’s only fitting that the last photograph of this beautiful northern Virginia wedding be a candid photograph of Liz, two hands around Tim’s face, leaning up to him for a kiss.


Congratulations to this happy couple. Your wedding was a beautiful occasion, yet I know in my heart that the best is yet to come for you. Many thanks to Liz for the wonderful testimonial that she wrote of our northern Virginia wedding photography services! I really enjoyed getting to know you both, and am honored to have had a part to play as your wedding photographer on your very special day!

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