L's Great Gatsby-Themed Boudoir Photography Session
Thursday, May 17, 2018
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Boudoir Photographer
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L enjoys dressing up for themed parties and events, and as her friend had previously enjoyed a boudoir photography session, L envisioned a Great Gatsby-themed, revealing boudoir photography session as a gift to herself.


Dressed in a green flapper dress of the Roaring '20s era, her outfit was complete with arm-length black gloves, a feather boa, a bottle of whisky, and a cigar in the first set of classy boudoir photos. She then undressed for the camera (hot!), revealing a black corset that then led into the second scene, which included an ivory fur wrap and a beautiful, vintage handheld mirror as props.


L. chose 6 of her favorite classy boudoir photos for a 6-piece, framed wall portrait grouping. Check back for a photo of her revealing boudoir photography wall art layout!


You're worth it.

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