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Thursday, June 18, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Party Photographer in MD
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It was the groom’s dad, Mr. S., who called me up that Thursday afternoon.


“The engagement party is in a dark restaurant – Buck’s Fishing & Camping in Washington DC – so we need someone who works with off-camera flash because that will be required,” he said.


I was impressed – while many of our couples do bring up the depth and 3-dimensionality of our event photography, it’s only the amateur and professional party photographers who know to attribute that to lighting through “off-camera flash.”


“Are you a photographer?” I asked.
“Well no, it’s our professional photographer friend who told me to say that,” he confessed.


I laughed and we bonded. This is Mr. S’s second son to be married, and the second engagement party for them to hold at Buck’s Fishing & Camping. I had never been there, and so just a few weeks later, I met up with Mr. and Mrs. S. at the restaurant. I walked in and thought, “Wow!” Saturated red walls lined the rooms, and a long row of hanging red and yellow glass lanterns traversed one stretch. White and orange Chinese paper lantern globes dotted the ceiling space in other areas. I looked up and noticed canoes hung upside down from the ceiling. What a unique location! Well, unique locations with beautiful decor like this make for the perfect photography setting. Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from M+A’s engagement party!


Have you been scouring the internet for engagement party photographers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia?

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