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Thursday, October 26, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Baby Photography
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This was our third time photographing Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie (...and our fourth time photographing his dad). From the time they found out they were expecting a baby, this cutie's mom & dad knew they wanted to capture his fleeting, once-in-a-lifetime, preciously priceless baby moments, especially in these first years when he would be growing and changing so fast. And so before he even arrived, they enrolled in one of our baby photography plans, and we have been watching Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie grow since his newborn photography session at 8 days new!


We had done Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie's previous baby photography session outdoors at Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD, and this time, his mom & dad chose an indoor studio family photography session. We got on the phone a month or two before his session to brainstorm creative ideas and our imaginations ran wild. We decided on a fall theme with pumpkins and autumn decor to then be transformed into a "Rock Star" Halloween theme, non-themed family portraits on dad's favorite leather burgundy sofa with an orange-tan damask backdrop, and ending with a periwinkle-toned signature "Little Artist Paint Smash."


And on the day of their family photography session, they arrived with a 'rock star' Halloween outfit complete with rock star t-shirt, air guitar, guitar necklace, and best of all, spiked blue hair! I love those Halloween family photos, but most of all, I love the Little Artist Paint Smash photos! Afterwards, his mom commented on how much fun he'd had during this family photography session - particularly the paint smash - as he loves making messes!  In fact, I loved that paint smash so much that in honor of Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie, we've now introduced signature 30-minute studio paint smash photography sessions for you too!  You can choose either a full (1-hour) family photography session with a paint smash component like this family, or a 30-minute paint smash only photography session.


Check back next year, as I can't wait for Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie's Watch Me Blossom family photography session coming up in 2018!


And in the meantime, many thanks to Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie's mom for her awesome 5-star google review of our photography services!

Each year your children age, the memories of the previous year become ever more precious. By the time your children have grown, married, and have families of their own, the memories of their childhood have become absolutely priceless.

Monday, October 09, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Maryland Baby Photographer
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Oh my goodness, I am telling 100% the honest truth when I say that little Ivan gets cuter and cuter every single time we see him! We've had the great honor as his baby photographer to follow this little boy from when he was still in Momma's belly for mom & dad's maternity photography session to his holiday newborn photography session when he was just 10 days new to his 4-month baby photography session, up to now, when he is an entire 8.5 months old!


His hair has grown in a lot since his 4-month at-home, springtime baby photography session, and dad told us that he brushed it after the Belgian cartoon character, Tintin. How adorable! What has not changed in the least is all the love and attention that is showered on him every minute of every day by his mom & dad and aunt & grandma.


For this baby photography session, his mom & dad chose to go to Cabin John Regional Park in Bethesda, MD, a location that another family photography client had introduced me to last year. We walked over a wooden bridge, along a pebbly stream and on dirt paths to enjoy the shade of an enormous old tree. Enjoy some of my favorite images from Ivan's 8.5 month baby photography session!  (The image with the group of leaves that are seemingly floating above his head is so funny... and 100% real!)


Little Ivan and his parents are one of our baby photography plan VIPs.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, Maryland Baby Photographer & Pet Photographer
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Ivan's 4-month baby photography session is the third of a 6-session baby photography plan. His maternity photography & newborn photography sessions were both done in our Maryland photography studio, so this time around, Ivan's mom and dad asked us to come out to their home in Germantown, Maryland for Ivan's 4-month baby portraits. The added benefit was that Ivan's two older cat siblings, Jojo and Pischi, got to join in the fun, and we got to create some beautiful cat photography!


Ivan's auntie Rozita and grandmother, who had come out for Ivan's maternity photography session last year, joined up with us again for his 4-month baby photography session. Ivan is so very lucky to have relatives who live close by and who never tire of playing with him! Mom and dad had decorated his nursery with a Disney theme, so of course, we traipsed upstairs for some family portraits in the nursery. I couldn't believe how much Ivan had grown in the 4 months since I last saw him at his newborn photography session. We are so very lucky as well to have the honor of documenting our baby photography plan babies' growth!

This next set of baby and family portraits incorporated a Persian theme for the Persian New Year.

Mickey Mouse watches over Ivan in his nursery.

While rain threatened, it kindly held off so that we could create some baby portraits in their front yard.

I had heard so much about Jojo and Pischi, the cats, at Ivan's previous portrait photography sessions, so when Ivan took a feeding break, I was excited to finally create some beautiful pet portraits of them!

Is your baby 0-6 months of age? It's not too late to document the priceless memories of your baby's first year.

Monday, May 01, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Baby Photographer, Maryland
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When I told this little baby's mom & dad about the cherry blossoms at Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, they immediately wanted us to go there for their little one's second baby photography plan session. The bonus was that dogs are allowed (on leash) at Glenview Mansion, so their rescue dog, Eden, was able to bound into a few of the family portraits.


As spring appeared, I called Glenview Mansion multiple times to get the skinny on the cherry blossoms, and the end result was that we had an amazing peak bloom for our family photography backdrop. In fact, this is the absolute best that I've ever seen the Glenview Mansion cherry blossoms! Of course, the highlight was seeing how much this adorable, silver-haired baby had grown since his newborn photography session with us last year.  His parents proudly told me that he's in the... what was it? ... 99th percentile for height, following after his dad?  Speaking of whom, this first-time dad was indefatigable, coming up with countless ways to play with and lift his little man in the air.  And the little sweetheart demonstrated his sweetness as if on cue, as he clung and pressed his face into mama.


This is what I love about our baby photography plans.  What greater honor than documenting a family at every stage of growth from maternity photography onwards?  

Did You Know?


Our baby photography plan clients receive up to 20% off individual session costs, and the burden of finding and booking a photographer as each milestone comes around is lifted, since we keep track of time and reach out when it's time to plan your next baby photography plan session.  We understand that baby parents are extra busy, and it's our job as your professional baby photographer to take the load off!

Thursday, January 05, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Germantown Maternity Photographers
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When Romina first contacted me about outdoor maternity photography in Germantown, Maryland, she explained how picky her husband, Nima, is about photography, with his art and architectural background.  He loves photography and is an amateur photographer himself… and while he wasn’t on the phone with us on that first call, he wanted to speak with me as well, so we arranged for another call a few evenings later.


Romina and Nima decided to enroll in our 6-session baby photography plan, covering the maternity, newborn, 4-month, 6-month, 8-month, and 12-month milestones.  In the end, because winter was already here, they opted for a studio maternity photography session at our Germantown-Clarksburg photography studio instead of an outdoor maternity photography session.  They wanted Romina’s mom and sister to be part of the session as well, so we did various groupings of the four of them.  Romina & Nima love being silly and were happy to be “crazy” for the camera, which made our maternity photography session extra-fun.  Unexpectedly, our studio maternity photography session evolved into a little bit of a maternity boudoir session – gorgeous!


The thing that touches my heart every time we do a maternity photography session is the love in the air.  So much love!  Ivan is such a lucky baby, and he hasn’t even arrived yet.  At their maternity photography “reveal” / ordering appointment, Romina & Nima decided on a 16×16 custom-framed wall portrait of their favorite staircase maternity portrait, a 20-page custom-designed storybook album, and gift prints for family.  Check back later for photos of their finished wall portrait and artful album, and for Ivan’s newborn photography, as he’s already arrived at the time of this writing!


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