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Friday, December 14, 2018
By Creative Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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What are your hobbies? What are his hobbies? What do you enjoy doing for him? What do you enjoy doing together? Incorporate a theme into one or more of your boudoir photography setups to truly personalize your boudoir photos. Here are 3 examples of what some of our awesome boudoir photography clients have done to make their boudoir photos 100% their own.


Props: Painting canvas, easel, palette, paintbrushes & paints


Other prop ideas: finished paintings to decorate the background


Other paintress ideas: Body painting


Props: Books, apples, pencil for the hair, reading glasses


Other professora ideas: Pick a favorite literary series and use props that go with the series


Props: Cowboy hat, guitar, boots


Other prop ideas: beer bottles, whip, spurs


Other cowgirl ideas: Wild West theme, anyone?

Thursday, November 15, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Did you catch L's Great Gatsby-themed boudoir photography session a while back?  Well, she had chosen six of her favorite images from her boudoir photography session to adorn the walls of her bedroom.  Enjoy a peek into her mind and heart!


Get your own glamorous boudoir photography session and feel like a movie star!

Thursday, October 04, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"I would like to create a gift for my husband. He has seen your boudoir photography and I am interested in creating a memory for him/us," O wrote when she filled out the contact form on our website.


When O and I spoke on the phone a few days later, O mentioned that they'd been talking about boudoir photography for several years and wanted it to be tastefully done. She's been working out at the gym now more than she ever has before, and she wanted this boudoir photography session to be both a celebration of her achievements and a unique gift for her husband. "Classy boudoir, elegant, dramatic, and relaxed," were the words O chose to describe her ideal boudoir photography. Most important was that she wanted the photographs to look natural, like she just happened to look at the camera, and that they portray her doing things that she would normally do in daily life.


When I asked her how she and her husband wanted to enjoy her classy boudoir photography day after day, she said she hadn't thought that far ahead yet. They had been focused more on thinking of fun poses than about what to do with the resulting images. "I would be OK with one or two tasteful lingerie shots on the bedroom wall, though if he [my husband] had his way, he'd plaster them all over the house and carry snapshots in his wallet!"


Ten days later, I had the opportunity to speak with O's husband on the phone and to get his perspective on her ideal boudoir photography. 


"She's almost 51 - has been lifting weights, and looks great. I want her to have a moment where her beauty is captured. I spent a lot of time researching boudoir photographers, reading reviews, and talking to other people who'd hired boudoir photographers for their wives... I also talked to a lot of other boudoir photographers who didn't want me involved. How do you feel about that?" he asked.


"I love when partners participate in the planning & design meeting and at the 'photo reveal'/ordering appointment!" I said.  "For the boudoir photography session itself, that's up to you and O; my question for the two of you would be if your presence would make her feel more or less comfortable." 


In the end, O's husband came with her to the planning & design meeting (and eventually to the 'photo reveal'/ordering appointment) and gave his input on what he wanted to see in her boudoir photography: uninterrupted lines... the lines of her biceps/abs... a photograph similar to one that her personal trainer has hanging in his gym of Marilyn Monroe lying on a bench lifting weights...  And the result of our brainstorming was the selection of three themes for O's boudoir photography: a weightlifting theme, a belly dancing theme going back to O's husband's ethnic roots, and a book/literary theme in our classy boudoir bedroom. Many of O's boudoir photos - especially the book-themed photographs - are simply too sexy to post online here, so you'll just have to imagine them!


Want elegant, dramatic, relaxed, and classy boudoir photography of your own?

Reward yourself with the experience that is simply priceless.

Thursday, August 23, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It's so very important that you not allow your stunningly beautiful boudoir photography to waste away on a computer hard drive, which is why, as an artistic boudoir photographer, I love sharing with you different ways to display and enjoy your revealing boudoir photography. Today, we're sharing our clients' favorite 6-piece love grouping for over the master bed, with a warning that this isn't for the shy!

This is a very popular boudoir photography layout for large walls like the one behind a master bed because it fills a horizontal wall space. Just imagine hanging only the central image. While that wall portrait alone isn't small, it would look very small by itself on a queen bed-length wall.

There are also some easy variations we can make of this boudoir photography grouping, such as:


(1) If the image you want to place in the 16x20 slot can't be cropped, you can also make the 16x20 a 16x24.


(2) If you prefer symmetry, substitute two 11x14s for the 16x20 or substitute a 16x20 for the two 11x14s, and make the two end pieces the same size as well.


(3) If you have a king-sized bed, you can easily add 10 inches in length to this revealing boudoir photography arrangement. Simply change the 20x30 to 24x36, the 16x20 to 16x24, and the 10x10 to 12x12. Then, space each boudoir photography piece two inches apart instead of 1 inch apart.


Are you too shy for boudoir photography wall portraits? Ask us about a handcrafted boudoir photography album instead.

Saturday, July 21, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"I have done a few other boudoir photography-type sessions, but this boudoir photography session with you will be different from the previous two. One of the previous sessions was more glamour shots boudoir at a mall that were very studio photography-ish, and the second one was a bridal boudoir photography session with a boudoir photographer, which was very specific to my wedding. The session with you will be a true boudoir photography session!" said M.


M. was actually a professional photographer for the federal government in a previous career. Her degree is in photography, and she still does real estate photography on the side. When we met for her boudoir photography planning & design consultation, she told me that as a government photographer, no creativity was allowed, and yet, she loves artistic boudoir photography and dramatic lighting, including backlighting.


Her husband works in construction, and with both of them being military veterans, of course we had to include some construction props and military attire (the latter not shown here in honor of M's wishes). Enjoy this peek into some of my favorites from M's artistic and revealing boudoir photography session!


Wow him with revealing boudoir photography like no other.

Whether you're searching for bridal boudoir as a wedding day gift or a gift for him just because, we'll wow both of you with imagery so beautiful and glamorous you never dreamed of it.

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