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Thursday, January 11, 2018
By Photographers in MD - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Hooooraaaaaay! The 2017 "People Love Us On Yelp" award is out, and our photography studio is an award-winner for the second year running! Nothing warms our heart more than having the honor of creating gorgeous portrait photography of babies, families, couples, and individuals, and having amazing, wonderful clients who are nothing short of ravingly joyous about their experience with our photography studio. Thanks to each and every one of you who took a few moments from your busy schedule to share your thoughts online with others this past year!

Monday, July 31, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Cockeysville, MD Event Photographers
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Referred to us by another Maryland professional photographer, Maggie & Matthew's mom contacted us about event photography of her children's violin recital and reception at Stages Music Art Performance Theater in Cockeysville, Maryland.


"My 6 and 7 year old kids are having a particularly special concert/recital. They are also doing this in honor of a charity - Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Cancer Research. I looked at your photography portfolio, and I like the "calm and soft touch" of your website. I don't want big and flashy... as I navigated through your website, I felt a soft touch with poise, and that's exactly what I want. I want beauty and subtleties to speak out in the photography...


I've worked with professional photographers on many occasions and have learned that I don't want too much editing. Rather, I want to capture the atmosphere. I want to look back and be able to remember what the kids were feeling that day. Some professional photographers I've worked with embellished things so much that it felt fictional. For me, it's about capturing the moment, even if it's not perfect."


Maggie & Matthew performed together with their teacher, Byung-Kook Kwak on violin/viola, and his daughter, Christine, also on violin. Maggie & Matthew's mom is a pianist and graduate of the renowned Peabody Institute in Baltimore, MD, and she accompanied on piano at times. I myself grew up playing piano and clarinet and have been to many a student recital. But never have I seen two children of Maggie & Matthew's young and youthful ages perform at such a high level! They were absolutely amazing! Child prodigies! As I wandered and photographed the guests at the reception, I heard snippets of conversation... people speaking in wonder and awe about the children's skill and how much they had improved over the past year. Applause for Maggie & Matthew!


Are you planning an extra-special event of your own?  Want to be able to look back and remember the smell of the flowers, the clink of the wine glasses, the laughter of friends and family?

The most special moments don't get do-overs. Make those moments last in your memories.

Saturday, November 07, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Potomac, MD Party Photographer
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“I have planned a surprise 40th birthday party for my wife at Volt Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland, and I’m looking for an event photographer. My wife is usually the one who selects our photographers, as she’s very particular about photography. (She’s not interested in staged photos at all.) But the last few years, we’ve been busy, so we haven’t had a lot of photography done. I have inquiries out to other photographers as well, but I like your event photography the best.”


I once photographed a couple on the front steps of Volt Restaurant because they liked the building, and I even had the opportunity to photograph award-winning Volt owner and chef, Bryan Voltaggio, at the 2013 Taste of America Gala, but I had not actually experienced the restaurant previously.


The group sampled from the Tasting menu as, from time to time, Volt’s sommelier entered to introduce different wine selections. The most impressive moments of the evening though, came when a new dish was served and 7 or so servers entered the room to simultaneously lay down a new dish in front of each guest. My description may not sound like much, but it really was quite the experience! Happy chatter and laughter dotted the evening, and a good time was had all around. Happy 40th birthday to Caraline!


Searching for party photography or corporate event photography?

Thursday, August 13, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Leesburg, VA Party Photographers
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It was back in June 2013 that the twins’ dad first searched for party photographers in Derwood, Maryland, and found me.


“I’m very impressed by your bio, approach, and photography galleries," he said.


So that was the first time that I met the little B. twins, Gabby and Pippy. And while that first birthday party was an intimate affair with family, two years later in 2015 when I saw the B. twins again, this time at their beautiful new home in Leesburg, Virginia, that annual birthday party just about tripled in guest list size (just like the twins themselves) and featured a bouncy house with a slide! Now the funny thing is that I had always thought that Gabby and Pippy were identical twins. It wasn’t until a month after their 3rd birthday party photography when we got together again for a family portrait session that I found out that they’re actually fraternal twins. Whoa! They sure do look identical to me! But… now that you mention it… it did occur to me at their 3rd birthday party that Gabby was just a little camera-shy compared to Pippy!


Check out these memories from the twins’ birthdays in 2013, then 2015. And check back with us soon for some family portrait favorites with these two little cuties!


Have you been searching for Leesburg party photographers for your child’s birthday party?



Thursday, June 18, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Party Photographer in MD
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It was the groom’s dad, Mr. S., who called me up that Thursday afternoon.


“The engagement party is in a dark restaurant – Buck’s Fishing & Camping in Washington DC – so we need someone who works with off-camera flash because that will be required,” he said.


I was impressed – while many of our couples do bring up the depth and 3-dimensionality of our event photography, it’s only the amateur and professional party photographers who know to attribute that to lighting through “off-camera flash.”


“Are you a photographer?” I asked.
“Well no, it’s our professional photographer friend who told me to say that,” he confessed.


I laughed and we bonded. This is Mr. S’s second son to be married, and the second engagement party for them to hold at Buck’s Fishing & Camping. I had never been there, and so just a few weeks later, I met up with Mr. and Mrs. S. at the restaurant. I walked in and thought, “Wow!” Saturated red walls lined the rooms, and a long row of hanging red and yellow glass lanterns traversed one stretch. White and orange Chinese paper lantern globes dotted the ceiling space in other areas. I looked up and noticed canoes hung upside down from the ceiling. What a unique location! Well, unique locations with beautiful decor like this make for the perfect photography setting. Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from M+A’s engagement party!


Have you been scouring the internet for engagement party photographers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia?

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