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Sunday, December 01, 2019
By DC Pet Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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My new glass sphere (photography toy) arrived, and I was eager to try it out on these adorable fur babies.  What do you think of this creative cat photography?  Have some fur babies (or non-fur) babies of your own you'd like to try this out on?  Whether you're searching for a creative pet photographer or are seeking to learn photography, I can help!

Friday, September 13, 2019
By By Pet Photographer and Family Photographer, Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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S's original plan for their pet photography & family photography session at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Northern Virginia was to get hi-resolution digital files of the photographs, but M convinced him that it would be better to invest in printed artwork that they could immediately hang to decorate their home.  


"Think of our wedding photography!" M said to S at their 'photo reveal'!  "We haven't done anything with it, and I don't want any more digital files [that will waste away on a hard drive] right now!"


And so, M & S chose their four favorite images from their Northern Virginia family photographypet photography session for us to print and arrange as a 4-piece love grouping.  The largest image is a 20x30" thick canvas gallery wrap, and the other 3 images are 12x12" prints on metal.  Gorgeous!!!  


Make your house a home with heirloom photography decor of your loved ones that's made to last.

Monday, June 24, 2019
By Arlington Pet Photographer and Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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M and S came to us through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington, VA, where M has been on the board for the past few years and volunteering with Lucky Dog for even more years. Their last experience with a professional photographer was for their engagement photography session and wedding photography. Of course, Nemi (short for Nemesis), had not yet joined their family then, so they didn't yet have any professional pet photography or family photography with their baby girl.


S was enthralled with the portraits from other couple's and family photography sessions that we had done at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Northern Virginia, and so we headed there for their pet photography/family photography session. Here are some of the results of our labor.


Nemi charmed the socks off our pet photographer... how much more adorable can a fur baby get?! Check back later for photographs of their finished canvas wall portrait and metal prints, which are currently under production!


Love your fur baby(ies) to the moon and back?

Memories are fleeting.

Capture them with professional pet photography and remember forever.

Friday, November 30, 2018
By Pet Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It was the Art Director of Golfdom Magazine who e-mailed about their 2019 "Underdogs of Turf" pet photography calendar. They had just selected their dog (Darby) for the calendar cover and needed a pet photographer to travel to the Westpark Golf Club in Leesburg, Virginia to photograph her.


Darby is the superintendent's dog, and he and his family were just so very excited that Darby had been chosen to grace this year's calendar. Enjoy some of the outtakes from our Leesburg pet photography session with Darby, as well as the finished calendar cover artwork!

Saturday, July 07, 2018
By Virginia Pet Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Gabriela had found out about us through a previous client who owns a farm in Thurmont, MD, and for whom we had created horse photography & dog photography for her rescue animals last year. Gabriela and her husband had purchased their own farm in Middleburg, VA, and had rescued and welcomed their own group of farm animals, which included two pigs, three donkeys, and four horses (chickens to arrive shortly). They were preparing to launch a website for the rescue farm and contacted me about farm animal photography for their nine farm animals.


We had so much rain in May and June that we had to rescheduled their farm animal photography session several times. It wasn't enough to not have rain on the day of the session, but because of the mud around the barn, we needed several days of sunny weather for the ground to dry!

Arriving at the farm, we began with the pigs, and my first reaction to the two black & white pigs trotting quickly on their little legs was that they were awfully cute! Gabriela wanted pig portraits, donkey portraits, and horse photography of each individual animal, along with group portraits of each group of animals.


When I look back at the animal photography of the donkeys, some of the donkey portraits just make me laugh, especially the last one below, with the ears completely horizontal to the sides. And others simply make me say, wow, what a beautiful animal, like the first one below!

I have a similar reaction to the results of our horse photography. What beautiful animals! Standing atop a hill, surveying their kingdom or running through pasture, there's no denying the majesty and grace of these spirited horses.

During our time on the farm, an orange tabby cat made an appearance, and so we had the opportunity as well for a little cat photography - check out the portrait of the cat looking at the dog statue!

I must admit that pig & donkey portraits, and even horse photography and cat photography is not something that we do every day, but it makes for an exciting animal photography session and is something we look forward to that gives us fun and amazing stories and photographs with which to entertain and enthrall others. So enjoy this peek into the Radova rescue animal farm in Middleburg, Virginia!

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