The Ano's Family Photography Session at Brookside Gardens
Thursday, October 25, 2018
By Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"My wife and I have been talking... It's been 10 years since our last family photography session together, and my wife really wants to get family portraits done before our daughter goes to college next year. 
When our kids were very, very little, we had a number of family portraits taken at the mall.  Some were successful because of the props, and we enjoyed those portraits of the kids, but then, as they got older, we didn't care for that anymore.  We found a photography studio that wasn't as large and commercialized that offered longer family photography sessions, in which the family photographer spent more time with us, tried more different things, and was very interactive.  We don't like the classic Sears family photography, and we liked having all the different size and frame options that the new studio offered. 
Now, years later, our kids aren't little anymore, so we don't want a studio photography session, but would like to leaverage the season and do something outdoors.  We like family portraits that are more candid and would also look for guidance from you," said Craig.


Upon further discussion, the Ano's chose the beautiful botanical gardens in Wheaton, Maryland, Brookside Gardens, as the venue for their family photography session especially for its gorgeous rose garden. And what fun we had! Check back soon for photos of the Ano's finished 6-piece canvas wall portrait grouping and 30-page custom-designed family photography album. And in the meantime, enjoy some favorites from their summer family photography session!

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