The C's Rockville Family Photography... with Guitars, Harry Potter, and Cherry Blossoms
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Tuesday, June 05, 2018
By MD Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It was the second time this year that I'd worked with the C's. This past winter, Mr. and Mrs. C had been by for Mrs. C's artistic boudoir photography session at our Maryland boudoir photography studio. So I was super excited to meet up again, this time for their Rockville, MD family photography session at Glenview Mansion, when I got to meet their two adorably sweet kids.


Little Mr. C. is an electric guitar player like his dad, and Little Miss C. was into Harry Potter, so what better way to depict this family as they are at this very moment, then by incorporating the kids' likes? In addition, it was a spring family photography session, and Mr. and Mrs. C. loved the idea of incorporating cherry blossoms (how DC!) into their family portraits.


Of course, the Tidal Basin in Washington DC is not pleasant to wander during cherry blossom season with the hordes of tourists, so I told Mr. and Mrs. C about one of my favorite hideaway locations nestled in Rockville, MD, which has tens of cherry blossoms that bloom several weeks later than the DC cherry blossoms. And so we went to great effort to time the C's cherry blossom photography session just right for peak bloom. We had a bit of a scare as it seemed like the torrential daily rains we'd been having would wash the cherry blossoms off the trees as soon as they appeared, but we lucked out and had GORGEOUS blossoms for the big day! All the work to time this family photography session just right paid off!!


Check back later for a glimpse of the favorite family portraits that the C's chose for a 4-piece metal print love grouping to decorate their family room and enjoy each and every day!

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