Monday, April 29, 2019
By Rockville Headshot Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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How important is networking to your business? I recently came across an article about networking by Vanessa Van Edwards, a body language and human behavior expert who teaches how to succeed in life and business by understanding people.


I'm currently watching one of her 3-day video courses on body language (which is awesome by the way), and into my e-mail popped a teaser for her article on "How to Network at a Conference: 10 Ways to Make Contacts Like a Pro."


Well, this entire article is terrific, but of course, as a professional business portrait photographer, one of her prime tips that spoke to me was her strong recommendation to include one of your headshots on your business card. Specifically, here is what she says:


"[Bring] Your Business Card: Hopefully this is obvious, but bring a TON of cards–more than you ever think you will need. Don’t be that person who runs out and needs to use a napkin instead.
One other big thing to think about with your business card as an asset. Be honest: Is your business card boring? Conference pros have interesting, conversation-sparking, memorable business cards because they are getting so many at once. If you can, I highly recommend having your picture [headshot] on your business card, so people remember who you are when looking at it later."

That got me to thinking about some of our long-term commercial clients who have used the professional headshots we created for them on their business cards, and I thought I'd share some from Scott Team International of Rockville, MD with you as food for thought.


We've photographed Scott Team International associates on several occasions, the most recent time for the Top Agents issue of Washingtonian Magazine. Here are the new business cards for their entire team below!

Monday, April 22, 2019
By VA Online Dating Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"I googled 'online dating pictures' and you were one of the photographers at the top. I really couldn't find too many other professional photographers who specialize in online dating photos. I saw what you did and read some of the client testimonials, and decided to reach out to you!"


Brian had never worked with a professional photographer, much less an online dating photographer, before, and wanted an outside opinion on his online dating pictures, including suggestions on different poses, and chose an outdoor location for a more natural look. We decided on photogenic Old Town Alexandria in Northern VA for the variety it offers in terms of both urban and outdoorsy backgrounds.


When we met Brian in person, we discovered that he really is just the nicest guy. Mountain biker, camper, and snowboarder are just a few words to describe him, but what impressed me the most was his dream of taking a 6-month break from "normal life" to backpack the Appalachian Trail!


Our Northern Virginia online dating photography session was a ton of fun, and here are some of my favorites from his new collection of online dating photos. And many, many, many thanks to Brian for the well-written (and funny) Yelp review of our online dating pictures (see end)!


Struggle no more with blurry, unflattering, and poorly lit selfies, and reward yourself with an increased quality AND quantity of prospective matches.  It's easy!

Monday, April 15, 2019
By Studio Portrait Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Anita had told me all about Rick at her boudoir photography session the previous year. She was so clearly in love, bubbly and excited and extra happy telling me about him. And so I got bubbly and excited myself when she reached out to tell me that Rick was going to be coming up from Florida to visit her and that the two of them wanted to do a couple's portrait photography session at our Maryland portrait photography studio, and that I was going to get to meet Rick!


Rick is a 20-year Navy veteran and had never been professionally photographed before, so this was a first for him. And when I met him, he was so very sweet and nice, and he and Anita just really... well... matched. After Anita received her first couple's portrait, she showed it to Rick, and reported back to tell me that he not only loved it, but said that it's the only (first) photograph he has of himself that he doesn't feel self-conscious about, and that it was all because of me, their professional photographer! Well that certainly made my day. It's such an incredible feeling to make people feel good... no GREAT! about themselves!


Anyway, here are some of my favorites from their sweet and bubbly couple's portrait photography session. Enjoy!


Fulfill your dreams of beautiful couple's portraits or engagement photography that remind you of your sweet & bubbly love every time you look at them.

Monday, April 08, 2019
By Family Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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This 6-piece canvas gallery wrap love grouping that we made for Mr. Silver-Hair Cutie & mom & dad from their 2018 Maryland fall family pictures session is OH so adorable! The largest family portrait - my favorite with the amazing sunset and so very cute with the bright red delicious apples - is printed at a 24x30 size, which gives you some perspective of the size of the overall grouping.  What is YOUR favorite part of these family photography wall portraits?


Dreaming of a family photography love grouping of your own?


Every season of the year is a beautiful time for family photography in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia!

And many, many thanks to this family for writing this awesome google review of our family photography services. We can't wait to see how much Mr. Silver-Hair Cutie has grown later this year!

Monday, April 01, 2019
By DC Business Portrait Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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In a previous post, we showed you three examples of professionals (engineers, wedding & event designers, and conservationists) who incorporated their jobs into their environmental business portraits. Here are three more examples from other industries as food for thought. What do you think? Would incorporating your job into your business portraits make sense for you?

1.  Nutritionist

This Washington DC nutritionist was embarking on a new business venture for cognitive health and needed professional business portraits for the new website. The kitchen of our Maryland photography studio was the perfect venue.  Read more about this nutritionist's business portrait session here.

Other location ideas for nutritionists:


  • A garden or orchard with growing or ripe fruits & veggies
  • The fresh produce aisle of a grocery store

2. Home Remodeler

Jesse Allen Smith of J Allen Smith Design/Build in Ijamsville, MD chose to use a kitchen they were in the process of remodeling in Silver Spring (top left, bottom right below), as well as the office he had designed (top right below) as the backdrop for his and his team's environmental business portraits. In the bottom left image, also created at their office, we featured an architectural drawing on the computer screen to show off one of their award-winning kitchen designs.  Read more about this business portrait session here.

Another idea for home remodelers:


  • Have your designs been featured in magazines or magazine covers? If so, you've probably framed a number of them and have them proudly hanging in your office. Let's use that as a backdrop!

3.  Attorney

Stuart Skok, Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney, of Rockville, MD needed new business portraits both for her new website and social media accounts, as well as for a feature and magazine cover in Attorney at Law Magazine. We created her business portraits at the beautifully designed Howard University Law Library in Washington DC.  Read more about Stuart's law library magazine cover session here.

Other location ideas for attorneys:


  • Inside a courtroom
  • Outside a courtroom

Need a brainstorming partner to help you with ideas for your own creative business portraits?

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