Thursday, October 18, 2018
By Portrait Photographers - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"Our 10 year wedding anniversary is this summer. I am wondering if we could retain you to do an anniversary portrait photography session of the two of us... We were married in Baltimore and it would be fun to re-shoot there. I shared the portrait album from our wedding with you but i'm not sure if you remember it -- we wouldn't want to duplicate it -- after checking out the "couples" section on your website we both believe you would have really special ideas to offer -- but we would probably want to do something like it in Baltimore if that worked for you."


I had met Deborah just 9 months earlier when I created a very special photo album of her to give to her husband as a birthday gift. So I was so very excited that I would finally get to meet John in person after hearing so much about him! Just 1.5 weeks later, they rang the doorbell to our Maryland photography studio, and we sat down to brainstorm and plan their anniversary portrait photography session. "We want photos in which we're genuinely having fun," they said. And while the original idea was to head to Baltimore for their portrait photography session, another idea came to mind.


When they had gotten married 10 years earlier, they had eloped and were married by a Justice of the Peace. That evening, they then spent the night at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD, and so ever since then, they often headed to the Inn at Perry Cabin to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. St. Michaels also gave us another unique photography option... a sunset sail on a sailboat!


And so, the planning began and the excitement built. We agreed on a 2-hr indoor-outdoor-off-the-water-on-the-water portrait photography session ending at sunset. The folks at the Inn at Perry Cabin were so kind as to allow us to photograph anywhere we wanted both inside the inn and on its grounds, as well as on the Inn's sailboat. On the day of our portrait photography session, Captain Mark did a fantastic job manuevering the sailboat so that we had picture perfect sunset backgrounds!


At their "photo reveal" and ordering appointment, Deborah and John chose their favorite couple's portrait for us to print on metal as a 24x30 inch display to grace the walls of their Washington DC home, along with more favorites to go in a custom-designed photo album that is in production as I write this.  Check back soon for a glimpse of their finished wall portrait and photo album!


Is your wedding anniversary fast approaching? Every anniversary is a treasure to celebrate.


Cherish this year's anniversary with priceless portrait photography and a unique experience you'll remember forever.

Thursday, October 11, 2018
By Maryland Portrait Photographers - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Did you catch the previous blog post with some of my favorite images from Caitlin and Phil's sweet couple's portrait photography session at our Maryland photography studio? I had promised to post photos of their finished artwork, so voilà! A four piece canvas wall portrait love grouping for their family room. The largest wall portrait is 24x36 inches. We shipped the artwork via FedEX to their home in Sykesville, MD, and this is the e-mail I received from Caitlin:


"They arrived and I'm OBSESSED!! Thank you so much again and again!!"


Yay!!! This little e-mail made the day for our Maryland portrait photographers!


Celebrate your relationship with your own couple's portrait photography session.

Thursday, October 04, 2018
By Boudoir Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"I would like to create a gift for my husband. He has seen your boudoir photography and I am interested in creating a memory for him/us," O wrote when she filled out the contact form on our website.


When O and I spoke on the phone a few days later, O mentioned that they'd been talking about boudoir photography for several years and wanted it to be tastefully done. She's been working out at the gym now more than she ever has before, and she wanted this boudoir photography session to be both a celebration of her achievements and a unique gift for her husband. "Classy boudoir, elegant, dramatic, and relaxed," were the words O chose to describe her ideal boudoir photography. Most important was that she wanted the photographs to look natural, like she just happened to look at the camera, and that they portray her doing things that she would normally do in daily life.


When I asked her how she and her husband wanted to enjoy her classy boudoir photography day after day, she said she hadn't thought that far ahead yet. They had been focused more on thinking of fun poses than about what to do with the resulting images. "I would be OK with one or two tasteful lingerie shots on the bedroom wall, though if he [my husband] had his way, he'd plaster them all over the house and carry snapshots in his wallet!"


Ten days later, I had the opportunity to speak with O's husband on the phone and to get his perspective on her ideal boudoir photography. 


"She's almost 51 - has been lifting weights, and looks great. I want her to have a moment where her beauty is captured. I spent a lot of time researching boudoir photographers, reading reviews, and talking to other people who'd hired boudoir photographers for their wives... I also talked to a lot of other boudoir photographers who didn't want me involved. How do you feel about that?" he asked.


"I love when partners participate in the planning & design meeting and at the 'photo reveal'/ordering appointment!" I said.  "For the boudoir photography session itself, that's up to you and O; my question for the two of you would be if your presence would make her feel more or less comfortable." 


In the end, O's husband came with her to the planning & design meeting (and eventually to the 'photo reveal'/ordering appointment) and gave his input on what he wanted to see in her boudoir photography: uninterrupted lines... the lines of her biceps/abs... a photograph similar to one that her personal trainer has hanging in his gym of Marilyn Monroe lying on a bench lifting weights...  And the result of our brainstorming was the selection of three themes for O's boudoir photography: a weightlifting theme, a belly dancing theme going back to O's husband's ethnic roots, and a book/literary theme in our classy boudoir bedroom. Many of O's boudoir photos - especially the book-themed photographs - are simply too sexy to post online here, so you'll just have to imagine them!


Want elegant, dramatic, relaxed, and classy boudoir photography of your own?

Reward yourself with the experience that is simply priceless.

Thursday, September 27, 2018
By Fairfax Headshot Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Are you a high school senior wanting to major in theatre in college? It's that time of year to submit your college audition applications, and as you know, every application needs acting headshots! Your talent will go unseen if you can't get the auditions, so your acting headshots are so very important.



Below are some of Alexandra's favorite headshots for acting from her photography session at our Maryland photography studio.


Get headshots for acting that are polished, professional, and showcase you at your very best!

Thursday, September 20, 2018
By DC Wedding Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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It was just this past spring that I had first met K for her bridal boudoir photography session - a unique wedding gift for her husband-to-be on their wedding day.  I hadn't expected her to be in need for another photography session so soon after her wedding, but of course I was delighted to hear from her.


"Our wedding photographer was great, but we couldn't really see the veil in the bridal portraits, so my mom and I were talking, and in order for me to be truly happy, I'd like to do a separate bridal portraits session with you."


"What about Dan?" I asked.  "Do you also want more bride & groom portraits?"  K thought that was a great idea as well, as she felt that their wedding photographer also didn't capture as many close-ups of the two of them together as K would have liked.  K also loved the various furniture and settings that we have at our Maryland photo studio and wanted to do these bridal portraits and wedding portraits at our photo studio as opposed to outdoors.


I was so excited to get to meet Dan after having created that beautiful bridal boudoir photography album as Dan's wedding day gift.  And OMG!!!!!!  K in her wedding gown... stunningly beautiful!  She looked just like a princess.  Simply breathtaking!  I'm so very happy that K called me for these post-wedding bridal portraits and wedding portraits.


One of the wedding portraits that K really wanted was of her and Dan lying on the floor on top of her dress.  So I positioned them under a chandelier and climbed up on a ladder to photograph them through the chandelier.  That bride & groom portrait (1st portrait above) ended up being my absolute favorite of all their wedding portraits, and it was K's favorite as well, which she chose for us to print as a 24x36" canvas gallery wrap.  K's mom also came to her "photo reveal," and chose the full-length bridal portrait of K sitting on the staircase with her ultra-long veil cascading down the steps below her as a 30x40" art print that we are also custom-framing for her.


Enjoy this small peek into K and Dan's stunning bridal portraits and wedding portraits.  I'll post photos of their finished artwork soon!


Has your wedding day passed, leaving you unsatisfied with your bridal portraits or wedding portraits?  It's not too late.


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