"Hi Irene,


I posted my new dating profile online a week ago and since then I’ve been viewed more than 300 times and more than 50 guys have contacted me! I had to start a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone. This is much, much better than my previous profile and I’m feeling hopeful about dating again. A few people said that I looked like a model or should be in a movie – which of course is completely owing to your talented shots! This was a big investment for me and I don’t regret it.


Many thanks, E."

"Not until I felt your sunshine, did I realize that I had been in the shade.

Not until I saw all your colors, did I realize that mine had faded.

Not until I heard your dreams, did I realize that I was still sleeping.

And not until I experienced my life with you, did I realize that I was barely breathing."


First impressions count, and a single image speaks a thousand words.

If you’re serious about online dating and finding your life partner, you need professional online dating photos.


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