"I want to thank you for being so patient, understanding and helpful with me given my limitations, and something I am very self-conscious about, but I truly felt so beautiful, and maybe a little like this was more for me than for him. You made me feel so comfortable and you’re so easy going that it just made the whole thing a great experience.” — Nicolle


Every woman is a goddess, beautiful, sensual, and alluring in her own way, and our Intimate Beauty Boudoir Photography sessions tastefully highlight your natural beauty, while making you feel and look like a movie star.  We’ll coach you throughout the process, and you’ll feel free to leave your inhibitions behind, expressing your true self with jewelry, satins, silks, and any other piece of clothing (or lack thereof). Regardless of body shape or size, empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin is what we’re all about, and whether you’re interested in a boudoir photography session as a treat for yourself, or if these boudoir photos are a gift for your loved one, this fun-filled, confidence-building, pampered session will be a lifetime event you won’t forget. Bring a female friend to keep you company, or a group of friends for a boudoir photography party! Browse the pinboards below for an initial taste of what our Intimate Beauty Boudoir Photography is all about. 

Why Choose Boudoir Photography?

There are so many different reasons to choose a boudoir photography session. Often, our clients say their reason for searching for a boudoir photographer is for a Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, or Christmas gift for their husband, boyfriend, or fiancee on their wedding day. Sometimes, it's after pregnancy, and a boudoir photography session is a way for them to get used to their new bodies. Other times, it's because they've had a difficult one or more years, after being diagnosed with a serious medical illness and having to recover from multiple surgeries, struggling with new physical limitations, and dealing with the emotional stresses that accompany all of that. For those who have lost self-confidence, a boudoir photography session is a way to feel glamorous and beautiful and sexy again, and to regain self-esteem. And sometimes, it's simply a gift to themselves to celebrate a major milestone or recent accomplishment.  Regardless of your own personal reasons to search for a boudoir photographer:


We won't be surprised when you tell us your boudoir photography session with us was

the most empowering thing you've ever done.


Because as one of our recent boudoir photography clients recently wrote:


"...I became more and more comfortable and even brazenly confident as the shoot went on..." — Shawna


What It Feels Like to Be Photographed by a Boudoir Photographer with 100 Unusually Rave Reviews

"I decided I wanted to try something daring after a horrible previous year due to surgery after surgery, so I decided to do a Boudoir photo shoot for my husband as a surprise birthday gift. Little did I know it would be a life changing experience for me!! Irene was very upfront and informative about the whole process, and just like that we set up a meeting to talk about my vision in person. Irene is so very sweet and easy to work with. She totally knew what I was going for with this intimate shoot... 


The day of the boudoir shoot, I was so nervous because I had no idea how to be "sexy," and I have some physical limitations that I was very self-conscious about. But Irene was so patient and understanding that it made me forget all about it. Irene gave great direction during the shoot. A week or so later, she had the proofs ready. I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I couldn't believe I could ever be so beautiful in all honesty. I couldn't believe that was me I was looking at and instantly gave me back all the confidence I had lost with the surgeries. I wanted to cry because she did such an amazing job capturing just what I wanted - sexy yet still very classy. 


About 6 weeks later and in plenty of time for my husband's birthday, the album was ready. When I went to Irene's boudoir studio to pick it up, she had it packaged beautifully. AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, HIGH QUALITY, WORK OF ART - all these are not even enough to describe the joy and happiness I felt with this album. I had decided to have a reveal party with some of my girlfriends who were just as eager as I was to see the final product. Needless to say they were all sold! My girlfriend demanded that we take it over to her sister's home to show her as well, haha. Looking back on this experience, I think I most definitely did this more for myself than for my husband. You will not be disappointed if you decide to choose Irene for your photography needs. She definitely knows what she is doing." 

- Nicolle

Hagerstown, MD

Why THIS Maryland Boudoir Photographer Gets the Unusually Rave Reviews

You'll Meet the Boudoir Photographer Ahead of Time 


Let's face it. A lot of people are uncomfortable in front of the camera when they're fully clothed. If you're one of those people, you must be imagining the exponential awkwardness when scantily clad in front of a practical stranger. But one thing our clients say is that they felt COMFORTABLE at their boudoir photography session... even BRAZENLY CONFIDENT!


And one way Irene, the boudoir photographer, achieves this is with an in-person planning & design meeting that takes place prior to (on a different date from) your actual boudoir photography session. You'll bring photos of yourself to the meeting, so that you and Irene can talk about what you like or don't like about how you look in photos. You'll tour the studio and pick out locations and settings for your boudoir photography session. You and Irene will brainstorm about creative ideas and themes and props, and pick out lingerie. When you leave, you'll say how excited you are. And when you arrive on the day of your boudoir photography session, while you might feel awkward the first five minutes, you'll quickly relax and start to have fun because Irene is no longer a stranger.


Our Rule of Thumb: No Client Shall Be Left to Self-Pose


Are you waiting to lose the perpetual 5 or 10 or 15 pounds? Don't, because that's often a never-ending desire.  Irene will shave the pounds off by moulding and sculpting the light around you, guiding you into alluring poses, and selecting camera angles and perspectives that flatter your body shape, size, and features in a beautiful and classy way.  You're not a model, and it's hard to self-pose (attractively!) when you don't have a mirror in front of you. Fortunately, Irene is a stickler for details, and she'll notice when something isn't quite right. She'll even coach you into achieving "The Pout," if that's one you haven't practiced before! At the same time, we believe in a collaborative artistic process. If you have an idea that you want to try out, Irene wants to hear about it!


The Big Reveal


A few weeks after your session, you'll come back to our Maryland boudoir studio for your "photo reveal," when your amazingly glamorous images are unveiled! You'll walk into the studio just a bit nervous, and you'll walk out confident and ecstatic, because you'll have experienced firsthand that this particular Maryland boudoir photographer's specialty is making you feel more beautiful, glamorous, and sexy, than you ever imagined.


We Respect Your Privacy


The decision to allow us to show your boudoir photos is completely yours.  We respect your privacy.  Our clients who are featured on this website are those who have given us permission to show their boudoir photos online.

Feel more glamorous than you've ever felt before.

What Do People Do with Their Boudoir Photography?

Have you wondered what you should do with your boudoir photos, once created? Don't let your gorgeous boudoir photos waste away on a computer hard drive.  Whether you choose an intimate beauty boudoir photography session to celebrate yourself or as a gift for your partner, a custom-designed and handcrafted professional photo album is a beautiful choice, worthy of your jaw-dropping boudoir photos. The great majority of our boudoir photography clients choose one of our Artful or handmade Bon à Vie albums. Other popular options include wall portraits (for the un-shy!) and more discreet mounted prints & keepsake box collections.

Tip for the un-shy: Decorate a master bedroom, man cave, she shed, or home office with a love grouping of gorgeous wall portraits.

Give your partner the gift he... or she... will enjoy forever.

I Became Brazenly Confident and was Astonished at the Results

"To say Irene is amazing would be a gross understatement. From beginning to end of the process, Irene showed her thoroughness, creativity, and desire to please the customer (me)!


I contacted Irene based on my trusty friend, Yelp reviews. I initially utilized her website for contact and she called me that day to chat. During our initial call, I advised her that I was looking for a photographer for a wedding gift for my future husband, a boudoir photography session. Irene was very upfront with cost and the process to get there. She was swift with all communication and set up an initial meeting to discuss outfits and locations to put me at ease for the actual shoot. I arrived at Irene's home for our initial meeting and she walked me through (and showed me) all my options for locations to choose from. She also gave advice on outfits and what would work with which location. Her home and set up is beautiful!


On the day of the boudoir shoot, I chose to come with my hair and make up already completed. As soon as I walked in, Irene commented how great I looked. It was easy to anticipate the flow of the shoot because we reviewed everything in the initial meeting, while I was fully clothed and more comfortable!! It was definitely awkward for the first 5 mins, but Irene quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable. I had three different outfits with three different locations and became more and more comfortable and even brazenly confident as the shoot went on.


My big reveal was a week later and I was astonished at the results. I looked beautiful and so happy that I chose Irene...  In the future, I would not hesitate to use Irene again. I would have used her for my wedding, however I already had a photographer chosen. If you view your photos as an investment, Irene is your photographer!!"

-- Shawna M.

Derwood, MD

WOW your partner like s/he's never been WOWED before.

Don't waste another second in indecision.