At Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, we’re proud to tell you that one of the unique factors that separate us from all the other photographers in the area is that we provide a very personalized service.  We don’t simply “take pictures”—rather, we create beautiful works of art…family heirlooms… memories that make your heart stop a beat every time you look at them.  Included with your personal or family photography session or wedding is an in-person design consultation, where, like an interior designer, we’ll work with you to determine the images, sizes, and display options for your photographs that best fit your unique home, style, and personal tastes. When you provide us with room photos of your home, we can even import your room photos into our system and drag and drop your favorite family portraits or wedding photos onto your room photos.  This enables you to envision all the different size, layout, and framing options, and see what you like best before it even exists!  Continue scrolling down the page to view all our art product options.

Our products include custom-framed art prints, bamboo mounting, canvas gallery wraps, standout mounting, prints on metal, and custom-designed products, such as albums, love groupings, collages, storyboards, keepsake boxes, and more.  We’ll help you every step of the way, resulting in a custom-designed set of heirloom-quality artwork that will fit perfectly into your lives and provide you with joy and memories of your loved ones that will last for generations.



Custom-designed albums: Our albums are the ultimate in quality and sophistication and the perfect solution when you don’t have the wall space to hang portraits on your walls… or when you’re looking for an option for more “intimate” images! Albums come in 8×8, 8x12, 10×10, and 12×12 sizes with up to 70 pages. Every album design is different, with color matching to each individual portrait, boudoir photograph, or wedding photograph. Some spreads (each set of left & right side pages) can be filled by a single panoramic image spread across the two pages, whereas other spreads may contain a collage of multiple, different sized images. Inside papers are super thick and do not bend easily. Choose from five inside paper types including two textured art papers and three smooth papers. Our cover options include floral fabrics, suedes, leathers, and custom photo covers on luster & metallic photographic paper and even canvas.


We offer two physical album styles.  Our "Artful Albums" (first row of images below) open just like a traditional book, though unlike a traditional book, the pages lie completely flat.  Our "Bon à Vie" albums (second row of images below) are handmade and one-of-a-kind, opening from the middle like no book or album you've ever seen before.

Wall Portraits


Canvas Gallery Wraps: As an alternative to printing on photographic paper, your wedding, boudoir, and family portraits can also be printed directly on canvas, the way a painter paints on canvas.  The canvas is then stretched around a wood frame for a frameless, more contemporary, display.  Our canvas gallery wraps are very sturdily made, with the canvas mounted on a wood backing to prevent you from accidentally punching through the canvas and to prevent sagging in the canvas over time.

Metal Prints: This is our most contemporary display option, and our clients who have invested in different types of print media tell us that it’s the metal prints that get the most oohs and aahs.  Here, your photographs are printed directly on a sheet of metal through dye infusion.  In a single metal print (one sheet of metal), the metal sheet has a float mount block allowing it to float off the wall.  A double metal float has two sheets of metal, one floating off the other.  We can also frame your double metal float, making a framed double metal float.

Custom Framing: Framing is the most traditional display option.  We mat and custom frame individual art prints, as well as collages of multiple prints displayed in a multi-open mat.  We offer 100 or so different framing options!

Love Groupings: These are groupings of individual images / art pieces in different sizes that are designed to be displayed together on a single wall.  While we originally designed love groupings as clusters of canvas gallery wraps, many of our clients have chosen standout and bamboo mounting, or even a mix of canvas and metal prints for their love groupings.  View more samples of love groupings in the room view pinboard at the top of this page.

Standout Mounting for Art Prints: Photographic prints can be mounted on standouts for a frameless (and therefore more contemporary) display. Standout mounting can be thick or thin with black or white edges.

Bamboo Mounting for Art Prints: Photographic prints can also be mounted on bamboo, which, with the attractive linear colorations in the bamboo, is a very unique, elegant, and also frameless mounting option.

Storyboards: Rather than printing a single photograph on a single display, imagine a custom-designed storyboard of multiple images on a single display, that is then mounted on a standout or on bamboo, framed, or printed on canvas or metal.


Storyboard Sample 1Storyboard Sample 2

Boutique Items

Cards & Announcements: We offer custom-designed holiday cards, baby announcements, save-the-date cards, and wedding thank you cards.

Keepsake Boxes: While keepsake boxes are designed to store prints, use them to store any treasure you desire!  They come in different sizes and thicknesses to hold 4×6 or 5×7 prints of varying quantities.