Have you wondered what to do with your boudoir photography once created?  How to display or gift your gorgeous images in an equally jaw-dropping way?  Our custom-designed, professional boudoir photography albums are our boudoir clients' most popular choice. We offer two types of professional photo albums for boudoir photography.  Our more traditional "Artful Albums" open in classic book style, whereas our ultra-sophisticated "Bon à Vie" albums open like French doors.



The pages of our "Artful Albums" like completely flat.  Unlike a normal photo album or photo book, there is no distortion across your photos. Each spread of left and right pages of our Artful Albums consist of a single, uncut sheet, so that all you see is a tiny crease in the middle where the spread folds. We offer a variety of paper types, which are mounted on cardstock to make pages that are 1/16-inch thick. No bending or tearing with our "Artful Albums!" Also choose from a variety of cover options, including leathers, suedes, canvas, fabric, and more. Our "Artful Albums" are simply gorgeous, and are a great choice to display and enjoy your boudoir photography for years to come!

Professional Boudoir Photography Albums



“Bon à Vie”, on the other hand, is a combination of words from multiple languages, brought together to mean “The Good Life.” Your boudoir photography is meant to bring back memories of beautiful moments and evoke feelings of empowerment and self-confidence, while also WOWing your special someone. So when you turn the pages of your Bon à Vie boudoir photography album, it reminds you how good life is.  Our Bon à Vie boudoir albums are – what can we say? – simply SEXIER than other professional photo albums. The cover and inside pages open from the middle like French doors, making it an ultra-sophisticated, ultra-sexy show-stopper. What's more, our Bon à Vie albums are handcrafted from start to finish. What better way to enjoy life than through a Bon à Vie album of your most priceless boudoir photos?

Enjoy the most empowering experience of your lifetime.

Feel more glamorous than you ever imagined.