9 Big Reasons to Add Professional Headshots & Other Commercial Photography to Your Website
Monday, October 16, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Professional Headshots & Commercial Photographer
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Do you have a business website? If not, check out Kaz Design Works’ 8 reasons why your business needs a website. If you already have your business website up and running, then the next question is… does your business website have any or enough photos on it? Read on for why you should add professional photography to your business website, as well as ideas on types of imagery to include.



1. Adding professional headshots and other commercial photography to your website simply makes you look more professional. The more professional you and your business look, the more trustworthy you look. The greater the trust, the more likely a prospective client is to pick up the phone, call you, and ultimately hire you! Conversely, a bad headshot and other un-professional photography is sure to create exactly the opposite impression and will scare people away.

2. Heard the saying, "A photograph says 1000 words"? Lack of a photograph says - maybe not 1000 words – but more than enough, and in a negative way. Lack of professional photography on your website implies a lack of investment in your image and business. And if you – the business owner or employees – aren’t willing to invest in your own image and company, then why should prospective clients invest in you?



3. How are you and your business different from your competitors? Is it your personal touch? Your caring and compassion? Your innovation? With the right professional headshots and business portraits, the qualities that make you better than your competition will shine on your website.


(Note: Are you one of the many who has trouble giving a genuine smile when being photographed? In that case, it will be extra important for you to find a headshot photographer who can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And, if innovation and creativity are key qualities in your business, then go for a set of environmental business portraits that are as creative and unique as you.)

Are you a numbers person? Do you need to see statistics for me to prove my point? Then consider these:



4.  The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely s/he is to contact you or purchase a product.  Add a photograph to every page of your website, and you could increase average time on site by 250%.


5. You’re no doubt an expert in your arena. Share your expertise by blogging, and watch search engines drive traffic to your website. While the more text the better search engine-wise, you can increase views of your articles by 94% simply by adding photography.



6. When you add photography to your website or blog, it will be pulled into image search so that your website comes up not just in text searches, but also image searches. This is big, because consumers are 60% more likely to consider/contact a business when local search results include an image.



7. A whopping two-thirds (67%) of consumers say that on e-commerce sites, “the quality of a product image is ‘very important’ in selecting and purchasing a product.” In fact, a greater % of consumers rate quality of the image as more important than product-specific details, a long description, or even reviews and ratings. While your website may not be an e-commerce site, think of how this translates. This means that the quality of your professional headshot or other website imagery (like the portfolio of a home remodeler, interior decorator, event designer, or cake artist) is more important than anything you could possibly write on your website!

8. Have big news to share? Write a press release that includes a photo and video and increase views by more than 45%.



9. Are you or are you interested in advertising on Facebook or other social media platforms? On Facebook, the engagement rate for posts with photos is 37% higher than for text-only posts. 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook include a photo.



Now that you're convinced of the need to add professional photography to your website, stay tuned for a future blog post with ideas of types of commercial photography to include.


Can't wait?  Need a brainstorming partner?

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