Alysoun's Dating Photography in Thurmont, MD
Monday, December 16, 2019
By DC Online Dating Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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We had met Alysoun two years earlier when she needed equine photography (and dog photography) at her beautiful rescue ranch in Thurmont, Maryland.  We had so enjoyed working with Alysoun the last time around, so I was so very delighted to receive this e-mail from her:


"I have recently begun working with a matchmaking service, and they recommended that I get some high quality [dating] photos of myself. Of course, I immediately thought of you for this task!"


And so we headed back to her Thurmont, Maryland ranch to photograph Alysoun, both individually and with her equine and dog companions.  She had adopted a new dog since we'd seen her two years earlier!  Here are some of our favorites from her outdoor dating photography session.  Keep scrolling down to catch a glimpse of the printed artwork that we also made for her!

Two years ago, Alysoun's primary photography session goal was to get a series of canvas wall art to decorate her ranch house.  This time, her primary goal was to get a series of dating photos to be placed online.  But regardless, wasn't it a great opportunity to get some wall art with her new dog and two dogs together?  Check out the finished canvas wall portraits that we made for her!


And Alysoun, please accept a big THANK YOU for the amazing online review of our dating photography services!


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