Architectural Photography: A Kitchen Remodeling Project in Bethesda, Maryland.
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Bethesda Architectural Photographer
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It wasn’t long after completing a business headshots project for local marketing company, Sustain Creativity, that they kindly referred us on to remodeling company, Pelican Residential, for architectural photography of a recent residential kitchen remodeling project in North Bethesda, Maryland. While I didn’t see the “before,” the “after” was a beautiful design. (Who wouldn’t want this kitchen, with its ceiling high cabinets, grey-toned backsplash, and open design?) Pelican Residential even carved out a little “nook” next to the entryway. While I may not have seen the “before,” I did meet the homeowner, and I can tell you he was ecstatic about his new kitchen, and had nothing but raves for Pelican Residential. Congrats all around!


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