Business Headshots for Book Covers. Dr. Stephanie's Relationship Repair. Laurel, MD.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Laurel, MD Business Headshots Photographer
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It was just a few months after Dr. Stephanie’s ‘not-your-normal’ outdoor business headshots session in Rockville, Maryland for her website redesign that I got a call from her to chat about indoor business headshots, specifically for the cover of a book she’s been working on. Her publisher wanted a somewhat formal, yet not too formal, look for the cover. And with Dr. Stephanie being a relationship coach, they were envisioning her standing or sitting at a counter, to go along with the idea of a relationship repair counter. And so Dr. Stephanie came over from Laurel, Maryland to our new photography studio in Germantown-Clarksburg, Maryland, where we mostly photographed around our kitchen counter, but also did some standard business headshots on a black backdrop that could be used on the book’s back cover if needed. Titled “Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair for Couples,” the book is out and you can check it out either directly through Dr. Stephanie’s or on! Congratulations, Dr. Stephanie!

And, here are some of the outtakes from our business headshots session.

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