Glitz & Glamour Shots with Twinkle Lights
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Sunday, June 25, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Glamour Shots Photographers
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We're always so busy with client work that it's easy to forgo creative time.  Yet, that time is essential to continued growth, even for a professional photographer, as it nurtures imagination and creativity.  So last month, I decided to dedicate several hours 2-4 times per month to experimentation, and to schedule it on our photography session calendar to ensure we make time for it. This session, we used twinkle lights, sheer burgundy fabric, and orange gels.


I've had a long roll of sheer burgundy fabric that I've used only twice since purchasing five or so years ago. It was time to put it to use on some couple's glamour shots.  Here's how we created the five glamour shots below:


(1) We hung a curtain of twinkle lights on a backdrop stand, which gave us the first photograph below - a classic bokeh look.
(2) Then, we added the sheer burgundy fabric in front of the twinkle lights, which dramatically changed the color of the lights and background from yellow-orange to orange-red.  I was in love and thinking this glamour shots setup would be perfect for limited edition holiday sessions.
(3) In the third image, notice the orange edge lighting on our arms and the edge of Idrissa's face.  That light comes from two edge lights behind and to each side of us, that we gelled with orange gels.  I chose the orange gel color to match the background and twinkle light color, which makes the edge lighting look like spill from the twinkle lights, when it's actually added light.  (Click here for more ideas of how to use gels in photography.)
(4) and (5) Same setup as #3 with flare added in post-production.


What do you think?  Which image do you like best?  Are they glitzy and glamorous enough for you?


Want some glitz & glam of your own? You deserve to celebrate yourself!

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