Incorporating Your Job into Your Headshots - Engineering, Wedding Planning & Conservationism
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Thursday, December 14, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Professional Headshots
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We've written before about studio headshots vs. environmental business headshots, and which are the right type of professional headshots for you. One of the advantages I've mentioned of the environmental business portrait is that it's easier to incorporate your job and achievements into the portrait. Here are three examples of professionals who chose us to do just that.

1.  Engineering

These two men are engineers, and for their professional headshots, we photographed them inside their Rockville office, one against a library of engineering paper rolls, and the other against a white board.

Other business portrait ideas for engineers:


  • Drafting Engineer: Sit at a desk with drafting paper and pen.


  • Computer Engineer: Hang computer/electrical hardware pieces on a wall and use it as the background to your professional headshot.


  • Chemical Engineer: Place rows of beakers and test tubes filled with colorful chemicals on a table and stand behind the table.

2. Wedding & Event Planning/Design

Juliet Mandler of Everyday Events LLC is a wedding & event planner based in Clarksburg, MD. We did a first environmental business portrait of her sitting on a chair, then put out table settings and decor so that she could show what she does best... event design!  I love this semi-candid business portrait of her, as it really exemplifies the service she provides and the talent she brings to the table!

Other professional headshot ideas for wedding & event planners/designers:


  • Planned or designed an amazing wedding or event that you'd like to showcase? Maybe you your team hung 50 Chinese lanterns in a tent and made the entire area glow. Or maybe you spent 1/2 a day wrapping every tree at the event venue with twinkle lights. If time and your client allow it, have us come to the event to photograph you after everything is set up but before the event begins, with your amazing designs as the backdrop of your professional headshots.


  • Part of your job as an event planner is to make sure that every piece falls into place and that the event proceeds smoothly and on schedule. What better way to show that than by people having fun? Have us photograph you standing in front of the dance area with guests dancing their hearts away, blurred in the background of your business headshots.

3. Conservation

The four men & women below work for an Annapolis foundation whose mission is to conserve the Chesapeake Bay. Wouldn't professional headshots of these women best be created outdoors? And what better way to showcase their mission than to have the Chesapeake Bay and waterfront as the backdrop of their outdoor headshots?

Other business portrait photography ideas for conservationists:


  • Animal Conservationist: How awesome would it be to create your environmental business portrait with a pride of lions or other animals slightly blurred in the background?



Whether the studio-style headshot or the environmental business portrait is the right type for you, we're here to create professional headshots & business portraits that tell your story just the way you want.

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