Karla & Albert: A Night-Time, Very DC Engagement Photography Session. National Mall & Memorials.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013
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Last summer, Albert and Karla went on vacation to the Grand Canyon. The couple was traveling with Karla’s family, and unbeknownst to anyone at all, Albert had a big secret. The morning the secret was to be let out, he was so nervous he just had to tell SOMEone, so he couldn’t help but spill the beans to Karla’s family. He continued to act all strange and funny, but Karla still had no idea something was up, because Albert ALWAYS acts weird when they travel. So when the big moment finally came, and Albert asked Karla to spend the rest of her days with him, everyone in the family was gathered to photograph and memorialize the moment. And when I first sat down with Karla & Albert, I knew they’d be fun to work with, but I didn’t realize HOW fun they’d be until our Washington DC engagement photography session!


Karla & Albert, both from the Philippines, met courtesy of their move to DC. They were brought together by the accounting firm they both work for that brought them to DC. So to celebrate DC – this special place in their hearts – they chose to do a sunset / nighttime engagement photography session around the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, and U.S. Capitol. Because how much more DC can you get than that?


With all the smooching, fish kiss poses, raised eyebrows, and funny faces that showed up during their engagement portraits, I just KNOW that their wedding is going to be more fun to photograph than I can ever imagine! Plus, there will be some special Filipino cultural aspects to their wedding, like the cord & veil ceremony and the prosperity dance when guests pin money on the bride…and if you know me, then you know that I love when weddings incorporate different cultural traditions! Karla & Albert, I can’t wait for your wedding! Congratulations!

Want your own fun & funny, very DC, nighttime engagement photography session?

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