M&A: An Ethnic Korean-Persian Wedding. Bolger Center, Potomac, MD Wedding Photography
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Thursday, September 25, 2014
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In Potomac, Maryland, as the sun came over the horizon the morning of M&A’s wedding day, puffy white clouds adorned the sky, as warm orange light shined through. It was clear it would be a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding ceremony… a beautiful day to match M&A. And when M.’s father escorted her to the end of the aisle, I was touched by the deep bow, hand on his chest, that A. made as a gesture of respect to M.’s father. Following the Korean Christian ceremony came a second wedding ceremony, this one Persian. For the Persian “Aghd” ceremony, the Bolger Center‘s stunning Stained Glass Hall hosted a “stage” on which was set a multitude of symbolic items. Light and fire were signified by the “mirror of fate” and candelabras; an opened Qu’ran on which lay a beautiful rose reminded the couple of the importance of prayer; the evil and eye and evil spirit were warded off by the colored seeds of an ancient plant; fertility was signified by nuts and eggs; wealth was represented by gold coins; a sweet life was indicated by an assortment of traditional sweets, to be shared with guests after the Persian wedding ceremony; among other items. After the Aghd ceremony, a night of dinner, dancing, and general merry-ness followed. At one point during the evening, M&A and I snuck outside for more bride & groom wedding photography against dusk’s dramatic clouds. Absolutely romantic! Congratulations to M&A!


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Wedding Professionals:

Wedding Photography: Irene Abdou Photography, Serving Washington DC, MD, VA, and destinations worldwide

Wedding Venue: The Bolger Center, Potomac, MD

Bridal Hair/Makeup: McLean Hair Fashions, VA

Wedding Cake: Cake Dreams, Rockville, MD

Florist: America’s Beautiful Florist, Rockville, MD



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