Online Dating Pictures for Someone Who Hates Being Photographed
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Saturday, March 03, 2018
By Online Dating Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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"Hello! I'm in need of both professional headshots for LinkedIn and online dating pictures... What photos do exist of me are either not current or are not as flattering as I would like them to be, and I lack the necessary talent for quality selfies," Lynn wrote.


Once we connected on the phone, Lynn explained that she had been looking at professional photographers, but simply couldn't find many whose quality of website and photography piqued her interest. It had just been a few weeks earlier that a friend told her that she had gotten professional online dating pictures and suggested that she do the same. It hadn't previously occurred to her to look for an online dating photographer, but once she thought about it, she realized that she also needed new professional headshots for business.


"I usually run from the camera - I don't like having my picture taken mostly because I don't think I'm photogenic, and I usually don't like pictures of myself," Lynn confessed.


(Little did she know at the time that my specialty as an online dating photographer and headshot photographer is exactly that - creating portraits that people love when they usually don't like photos of themselves at all!)


As we brainstormed about creative ideas for her online dating pictures, a few themes came up. Lynn would be going on a yoga cruise retreat in Iceland the week after our photography session, and envisioned yoga being a big part of her life moving forward. She also really enjoys cooking and wine, and is into the wine-tasting scene. And so it came to be that some of her online dating pictures would be created in the kitchen of our Maryland photography studio, with wine glass in hand. And that another would be created with a yoga theme. Enjoy just a few of the fruits of our labor below! And thanks so very much to Lynn for writing this awesome 5-star review of our professional headshot and online dating pictures services on Yelp!

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