Our Fav Asymmetrical Newborn Photography Love Grouping for the Nursery
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Friday, December 21, 2018
By Newborn Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography, LLC
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Haven't thought yet about what to do with your beautiful newborn photography once your session has been completed? The one thing you should NOT do is to put your priceless newborn photography out of sight and out of mind on a computer hard drive or thumb drive or CD. What a waste that would be! Instead, celebrate with our beautiful, heirloom-quality art products, and begin a photographic legacy to be passed down and cherished for generations.


In this post, we're spotlighting one of our newborn photography clients' favorite ways to enjoy their artwork: wall portrait love groupings.


New to wall portraits? A wall portrait is simply a physical art piece that by itself, or in a series, is large enough to fill a wall space. We can print your wall portraits on canvas, metal, or traditional photographic paper, and then custom-frame them or mount them for a frameless display. Group three or more wall portraits together and display them on a single wall, and you get what we call a "love grouping."


When considering love groupings, think of where you would hang your wall portraits. Areas of your home that you spend significant amounts of time in are ideal.


Our newborn photographer knows that there can be so many options in terms of size, layouts, and even where you hang them in your home, and that can be overwhelming. That's why we offer our newborn photography clients a complimentary home design consultation. Simply send us cell phone photos of your rooms, and we'll drag and drop your favorite newborn portraits onto your room photos. They'll be calibrated to scale, so that our newborn photographer can change wall portrait sizes, layouts, and frames before your very eyes so you can envision all the options and see what you like the best before making your final selections!


Pictured here is one of our favorite asymmetrical, frameless love groupings. With total dimensions of 56x42, this love grouping is perfect for hanging over a standard 55" long crib.

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