Professional Headshots for a Nutritionist
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Thursday, May 24, 2018
By Creative Headshot Photographer - Irene Abdou Photography
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When I asked Julie what made her decide to call us, she said:


"One of your professional headshot clients on your website mentioned not being photogenic, and that's me! I feel really weird when people take my picture, so any headshot photographer who can help people not feel weird or self-conscious is a good fit for me. I get this weird deer in the headlights look when I'm told to smile, and I usually feel like the photos don't look like me unless I'm not thinking about being photographed...
Getting professional headshots has been on my list of things to do... I'm a nutritionist and have a headshot that someone took on their iphone at our office. It's ok... it's not totally embarrassing, but it's certainly not a professional headshot. I'm starting a new business venture for cognitive health. It'll be an expensive program, so I need headshots that look professional."


We brainstormed about how to make her professional headshots be more creative, and she liked the idea of a less formal environmental portrait in addition to a more "standard" headshot, but she didn't have any ideas on a good setting for the environmental portrait. Of course, since she had mentioned being a nutritionist, I thought, what better place than the kitchen of our Maryland photography studio?


So the morning of Julie's headshot photography session, I set up the kitchen with some fruits and vegetables and a cookbook for the background, to complement the fresh herbs that Julie brought, and voilà! Isn't this just the perfect professional headshot for a nutritionist?

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