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"I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Irene for my personal brand photography. I was leary of making this investment because I have always hated all photos of myself. Irene knew this because she took the time to talk to me and get to know me before the photo shoot, so was brilliant at getting me to relax and "show my personality" during the shoot. I was amazed at the number of portraits that I not only liked but loved. Irene is a real gem and for anyone who thinks they take terrible pictures - she's the photographer for you."


--Marva Makle, Washington, DC

Ecstatic Personal Branding Client

What's All This About Personal Branding?

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon out of his garage, giving him a net worth of $163.9 BILLION dollars as of July 2019! Well, here is Jeff's definition of your personal brand:"What people say about you when you are not in the room."


And Tom Peters, whose book, In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies, was the most widely held library book for near two decades in the United States, wrote an article called, "The Brand Called You" for "Fast Company", in which he said:


"Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You."

Personal Brand Photography is a Priceless OPPORTUNITY Not to Be Missed

These days, everything - yes everything - is visual.  Just think of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, your website, and more… And despite this, so many companies – especially small businesses - are still using bland stock photography and have neglected to include images of the people behind the company.  The good... no GREAT... thing about this is that if YOU choose to nurture your personal brand NOW with one-of-a-kind, bursting-with-personality personal brand photography, then you’ll not only easily stand out among the sea of your competition, but will quickly move to the front of the pack.  This is an OPPORTUNITY that you shouldn't let escape!


The Difference Between a Headshot and Personal Branding

Another way to explain personal branding is that it's the brand of you. You have a personality, right?  Well, it’s critical that your personal brand photography portray exactly that. It should be completely and utterly representative of YOU.  Now, a headshot is just that – simply put, a headshot is a shot of your head. While a headshot could help to elevate your brand, not every headshot is part of personal branding. Think of it this way.  If you wish your headshot to support your personal brand, then it must be both authentic and creative. So a creative, authentic professional headshot can be one type of personal branding photo, however, a single headshot isn't sufficient to completely represent your personal brand. Personal brand photography can also include action shots, full body lifestyle portraits, and detail images that tell the story of you and your business.


Your collection of personal branding photos will have endless uses, for example on your website, social media, magazine features, print marketing materials, advertisements, publications, and more!  If your personal branding photos are done right, they will bring you priceless results!


Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr, Clinica Marriage & Family Therapist

Owner of Dr. Stephanie's Relationship Repair Shop

Sample Personal Branding Photography Uses for Dr. Stephanie

Website, book cover, radio show advertisement, directory listings, social media and news features

Don't let your personal brand... and professional opportunities... wither away.


Marva Makle, Health Coach

Owner of M3 Wellness, LLC

Sample Personal Branding Photography Uses for Marva Makle

Website, news feature/webinar advertisement, social media

Nurture your personal brand, nurture your business.


Enjua Claude, Intuitive Consultant

Owner of Rivière deVie®

Sample Personal Branding Photography Uses for Enjua Claude

Note: Only the portrait photography below is by Irene Abdou Photography, LLC.

Watch your personal brand & business opportunities grow and blossom.