"A little crazy and a lot of fun, man, it's good to be 1.

A lot of fun and so cute too, man, it's good to be 2."

Cake Smash Photography

Family Portrait with Smash Cake Photography

There's one day a year that a food fight... specifically, a cake fight... is welcome, and that's at your child's birthday smash cake photography session! The messier the better. The gooier the better. Let the smiles and laughter roll! We'll start with some pre-smash family portraits, and then proceed with the cake smash. After the birthday child's first tastes, siblings and parents are welcome to join. Yes, smear it into each other's hair. Wipe hands on faces and clothing. Give messy food fight cake hugs. And be prepared for the cutest, most adorable smash cake birthday photos EVER!


Enjoy the video below with more images from the cake smash portion of Noemi's baby photography plan session. While Noemi's 1-year session took place at 14 months instead of 12 months, it's never too late for smash cake photos! Noemi's mom and dad wanted an outdoor family photography session, and we reserved the last 15 minutes for the smash cake. Even mom & dad took part in the cake smash. This was the fourth time we'd photographed this awesome family, and it has been so amazing watching them grow!


For a Q&A on smash cake photography and smash paint photography, just head to the bottom of this page.

Little Artist Paint Smash Photography

What? Your child doesn't like to get messy with food? You tried a cake smash before and your child wasn't interested?  It's not his/her birthday? How about a signature "Little Artist Paint Smash" photography session instead?  ...Because what child doesn't like to make a mess with paints and crayon and marker?  Still no?  How about a spaghetti smash?  A watermelon smash?  Let's get creative!


After Mr. Silver-Haired Cutie's 18-month family photography & paint smash session (paint smash video below), his mom commented on how much fun he had. Just imagine... no need to bribe your kids for a paint smash photography session!

Q&A on Smash Paint & Smash Cake Photography

Q: How many minutes are smash paint/smash cake photo sessions?

Book either a full (1-hour) family photography session, and we can include the cake smash/paint smash, OR book a special 30-minute smash cake/smash paint session.


Q: Can we also do non-cake/paint family portraits during a paint smash or cake smash photography session?

During a full 1-hr session, the first 45 minutes will focus on non-cake/paint family portrait groupings and the last 15 minutes on the cake smash/paint smash. During the 30-minute smash paint/smash cake photo session, we'll spend the first 15 minutes capturing family portraits, and the second 15 minutes capturing the cake smash/paint smash.


Q: Will our smash paint/smash cake photo session be indoors or outdoors?

Full family photography sessions with a cake smash can take place at your choice of location, either outdoors, in-home, or at our suburban Maryland photo studio.  Special 30-minute cake smash sessions are in-studio only. We recommend that any photography session that includes a paint smash takes place at our photo studio.


Q: Do I have to wait for my child's birthday for a smash cake photo session?

Absolutely not.  While cake smashes are popular for birthdays, do you only eat cake only one day a year?  We are happy to design a cake smash photography session for you at any time of the year.


Q: Can siblings be part of the cake smash/paint smash too?

Siblings (and adults too!) are welcome to take part in the smash paint/smash cake photography as well. If it's a birthday photography session, we'll begin with just the birthday child, then add sibling(s) and parents (if desired). The more people the merrier, the messier the better!


Q: What if my child doesn't like getting messy with food?

Not all children will enjoy getting messy with their cake. This is why we spend the first part of your session on non-cake photography, so regardless, your session will be a success! Alternatively, if you don't think your child will enjoy a cake smash, then how about a paint smash, spaghetti smash, or watermelon smash instead?


Q: Is there an age limit for smash paint/smash cake photography?

No, no, and no! While cake smashes are especially popular for first birthdays, there's no age limit, as long as your child will enjoy it. We even saw recently a smash cake photo shoot with a woman turning 98 years old, and we thought it was absolutely awesome. If you'd like to embrace your inner child, we're 100% up for adult cake smashes/paint smashes too!


Q: What kind of paint do you use for smash paint photography?

We use Crayola washable fingerpaints.  The paints are non-toxic; however, if you are concerned, you may make and bring Greek yogurt mixed with food coloring instead.

Time flies, and with the passing of each year, the memories of the past grow ever more precious. By the time your children have grown, married, and have families of their own, the memories of their childhood have suddenly become absolutely priceless.