Annual Family Photography Plans

"I won't always cry, Mummy, when you leave the room, and my supermarket tantrums will end too soon.

I won't always wake, Daddy, for cuddles through the night, and one day you will miss having a chocolate face to wipe.


In 2016, we introduced Baby Photography Plans, covering from the maternity/newborn period to baby's 1st birthday.  Our baby photography plans have been such a hit, that in 2017, we're introducing new "Watch Me Blossom" Annual Family Photography Plans.  Our "Watch Me Blossom" plans involve one or more family photography sessions each year, and as your child sprouts and grows, you receive savings that continue to blossom!


Q: When can I enroll in Watch Me Blossom?


Enroll at the completion of your baby photography plan or at the completion of your newborn photography session or first family photography session with us.  The earlier you enroll, the greater your savings over time.  You'll continue to re-enroll each year upon completion of that year's "Watch Me Blossom" session(s).   


Q: What savings will I receive through "Watch Me Blossom"?


Your savings grow during the first four consecutive years that you are enrolled in "Watch Me Blossom."  During your first "Watch Me Blossom" family photography session, you'll receive a 5% discount on prints and products from all sessions that year.  In the second year, your discount sprouts to 10%.  In the third year, your discount grows to 15%.  And in the fourth year, your discount blossoms to 20%!  The 20% discount applies to each session after your fourth session.  If there's a year in which you don't do any sessions, then you'll need to begin again. 


Note: If you are one of our baby photography plan clients, then your beginning Watch Me Blossom discount will range from 10-20%.


Q: Is there a cost to enrolling in Watch Me Blossom?


There is no additional cost to enroll in Watch Me Blossom.  To enroll, you'll simply pre-pay the current planning/session fee for your next family photography session, and then you can simply sit back and watch your savings blossom!  When re-enrolling each time you complete a session, you'll again pay the current planning/session fee for your next Watch Me Blossom session.  Each Watch Me Blossom session must take place within 13 months of your previous session.


Note: If you enroll in Watch Me Blossom, but then don't schedule your session during the next 13 months, you will not lose your planning/session fee.  Your pre-paid planning/session fee will still be applied to your next session, however, you will not receive the Watch Me Blossom discount if your session does not take place within 13 months of your previous session.


Q: Can I do multiple Watch Me Blossom sessions in a single 13-month period?


You may also do multiple Watch Me Blossom sessions in a single year.  You will receive the same Watch Me Blossom discount over the course of the 13-month period; just pre-pay the session fee for your next session at the ordering appointment of each completed session.


*** Watch Me Blossom discounts may not be combined with any other promotions or offers, with the exception of Friends & Family credit.***



You won’t always wake to find my foot is kicking you out of bed,

Or find me sideways on your pillow where you want to lay your head.


You won’t always have to carry me in asleep from the car,

Or piggy back me down the road when my little legs can’t walk that far.


So cherish every cuddle, remember them all, one day Mummy, I won't be this small."

--Stephanie Turner

Baby Photographers Maryland

 "I have used Irene twice now in the span of a year. The first session was a challenge with a newborn and uncooperative two year old but Irene managed to pull it off. This time, we had her take our family portraits for our youngest turning one year. I was nervous about whether Irene could capture the same magic from the newborn photography session. It's no coincidence that both times, I've gotten remarkable images. She is so patient and so talented. There is no way I could have anyone else ever photograph my family again. I'm definitely hooked. She managed to take candid, unstaged shots and make them look like magazine covers. As someone commented to me about our photos, you don't have to stop living to get a beautiful photograph. The subtle details that she played up in each photo are what set her apart from other newborn photographers and family photographers I've seen. You can see the artistry in her work. Her prices are reasonable and her attention to detail is impeccable! She also provides good tips and guidance in preparing for the shoot. I highly recommend her!"


 Emily & Patrick Young, Alexandria, VA

Enamored Baby Photography Client