You have questions; we have answers!


Q: I prefer candid photographs to posed photographs. What is your style?

During an 8-hr wedding, you’ll find that around 85% of images are candid, photojournalism-style, fly-on-the-wall photographs, that you didn’t even know we were there for.  Our couples often tell us after their wedding that they never noticed us, and that's exactly what we like to hear!  The other 15% are typically more posed photographs, for example, your bridal portraits, bride & groom portraits, and wedding party formal portraits.

Q: I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. It’s hard for me to smile naturally, and I only have 1 or 2 photographs of myself that I like. I’m worried about the posed wedding portraits. What will you do to ensure that you get photographs that I’ll like?

You know, you are not alone. As many as HALF of our couples tell us this during their initial wedding photography consultation! And as we take them on as clients and actually photograph them, what we find is that all they really need is a photographer who can help them relax, take their mind off of being photographed so your personalities can shine, make the photography experience fun and enjoyable, and get all of you interacting in order to capture your emotions and the relationship and love that you share. In fact, that’s what we’re known for – capturing emotions, relationships, and personalities. In addition, we also take the time to understand what it is that you do or don’t like about photographs of yourself, so that we can make sure to use the most flattering camera angles and lighting to enhance the things that you love about how you look, and minimize the things you don’t.

Q: My wedding ceremony and/or reception is going to be in a dark location. What is your lighting style?

The most strikingly beautiful photographs are beautiful because of how the photographer used light. Natural light can be beautiful, but often, natural light isn’t coming from the right direction, or isn’t the right intensity or color, or is too harsh to meet our artistic vision. And wedding reception lighting is NEVER good lighting for photography for the same reasons, and worst of all, cannot be controlled by the photographer! In fact, the varying lighting conditions that a wedding photographer encounters throughout an 8-hour wedding day is perhaps the most technically challenging aspect of wedding photography. As a result, we never rely on natural light or the lighting that we find at the reception. Both indoors and outdoors, we work with a lighting assistant at all weddings, and also bring our own lights and light stands that we set up at the wedding reception (and sometimes wedding ceremony), that allows us to create strikingly beautiful photography of your wedding day. In fact, people often tell us that they were drawn to us because our photographs look “different.” That “difference” is often our unique lighting style.


Bottom left image: During the first dance, the couple is lit through a combination of three different light sources – a flash on a light stand at left, a flash on a light stand at right, and Irene’s on-camera flash. With the main light coming from each side instead of only from on-camera, the beautiful detail in the bride’s dress is retained.


Bottom right image: In this wedding portrait of the bride & groom, the couple is lit by sunlight coming from one side and light held by Irene’s lighting assistant at the other side. It’s the lighting here that gives the image a movie star look!

Q: We want a photographer who will photograph everyone at our wedding, not necessarily in posed photographs, but candid images that will help us remember everyone that was a part of our special day. How will you approach this?

To us, every wedding is a story – the story of your wedding day, from the time you’re getting ready to the end of your wedding reception. While the story is about you, it’s not JUST about you. It’s also about all of the people that you love and who love you and who have come together to celebrate with you and to make your wedding day so special. So we assume that all of these people are important. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will only photograph the bride & groom throughout the entire wedding, then I dare say that we’re not the wedding photographer for you. We believe that if they’re at your wedding, then they must be an integral part of your wedding story. During your wedding ceremony, rather than photographing just the two of you at the altar, we’ll turn and photograph your mom wiping the tear from her eye and your best friend’s smile. When the best man gives the toast, we'll also photograph your laughter in reaction to the toast, and your guests raising their glasses. During the cake-cutting at the reception, we’ll photograph you with the cake, then turn and capture the expressions on your guests' faces.  And when the serious partying gets started, we’ll be on the dance floor capturing memories of your friends and loved ones dancing the day and night away.


Q: I don’t understand why wedding photographers always want to spend time photographing my shoes by themselves or the floral centerpieces at my wedding reception.

It’s true that you’re probably not going to want a photograph of your shoes hanging large on your living room wall. Yet, all these little details – your wedding jewelry… your wedding dress hanging in the windowsill… your wedding cake… the room view of your wedding reception… all of these details are an integral part of telling the story of your wedding day. Plus, should you decide that you want a wedding album, either immediately or in the future, this type of imagery lends context to the story and makes beautiful background images in your wedding album.


Q: I don’t understand why I would need 8 hours of wedding photography coverage.

Maybe you don’t need 8 hours of coverage. Every wedding day timeline is different, and during your in-person consultation, we’ll go over the schedule of your wedding day with you, and help you figure out how many hours of photography coverage you really need. That said, if you want coverage starting from the bride getting ready all the way to the end of the wedding reception, you will typically need a minimum of 8 hours of coverage.


Q: Do you process/retouch our wedding images?

We go through a multi-step process to make every one of your wedding photographs the best it can be. We do this because we want each of these images to come together to make a heartstoppingly beautiful collection of memories of your wedding day. We want each and every image to be absolutely perfect, and to make tears of happiness come to your eyes everytime you look at them. Our multi-step process includes culling and adjustments for brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation on all wedding images, and finally, retouching and enhancing a selection of images (typically your bride & groom portraits). During your wedding photography consultation, we’ll tell you more about this process.


Q: Can I see a full wedding?

That’s a great question, because, well… just like any squirrel can find a nut, hand a camera to any person, and anyone can manage to take a few great pictures throughout an 8-hour wedding day. We would be pleased to show you slideshows of 150-200 images from single weddings during your in-person wedding consultation.


Q: What are your wedding photography packages?

We find that each of our weddings and couples are unique. So rather than try to force you into a box of pre-determined wedding photography services and products that includes things you don’t want and doesn’t include things you do want, we’ll build a wedding photography collection just for you.


Q: Can you e-mail us wedding photography pricing information?

Because we customize collections for each of our wedding couples, we need to have a 15-minute phone conversation first, so that we can understand what it is that you’re looking for. Our 8-hour wedding photography collections begin at $6,200-$9,600 before sales tax; our half-day collections begin at at $3,200-$4,000 before sales tax. For elopements or more intimate weddings requiring less than 4 hours of photography coverage, please contact us.

Q: How far in advance should we book our wedding?

The earlier you book your wedding photography, the more likely that we’ll be available on your wedding date! We recommend that you contact us as soon as you’ve booked your wedding venue and have a confirmed wedding date.

Q: What is the process for booking you for our wedding?

Once you have a confirmed wedding date - if we are still available on that date - then the first step is to have a preliminary 15-minute consultation by telephone, so we can get an initial idea of whether we’re a good fit for each other, and whether we can help you. If it then makes sense for us to go to the next step, then the second step is to schedule an in-person wedding consultation. All decision-makers should be present at the in-person consultation, so this is usually the engaged couple and parents who are paying for the wedding photography. At the end of the in-person consultation, we should all be in agreement about whether we’re a perfect fit!