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Monday, June 05, 2017
By Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, Boudoir Photography, Maryland
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G's purpose for searching for a MD boudoir photographer was her upcoming wedding and her desire to give classy boudoir photography to her fiance as a wedding day gift.  


"I want something more natural. No pin-up photography," she said. "I know it's important to connect with my boudoir photographer. I've had both experiences - where I worked with a photographer who I was very comfortable with, and the pictures were wonderful, and I've worked with a photographer who I didn't connect with, so I didn't feel comfortable suggesting things. In that latter case, it was very awkward, and I didn't like many of the photos at all... I know how important it is to have a boudoir photographer who really knows what she's doing. I don't want to end up with something mediocre; I need to do this the right way."


On the day of her boudoir photography session, G brought along a friend. Her friend got totally into it and came up with all sorts of creative ideas for us to try. So fun!!! I love it when women bring their friends along!


G knew that she wanted an album as the physical product from the beginning, and at her photo reveal & ordering appointment, she chose 40 of her favorite boudoir photos for a handmade Bon à Vie storybook album. Gorgeous!!!


A few weeks later, I happened to notice the new 5-star online review that G had written of my artistic boudoir photography services. I so love the part about how she became more and more comfortable... and even brazenly confident... as our boudoir shoot went on. Because that's what boudoir photography is all about for me as a boudoir photographer: empowering women to feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in their own skin regardless of body shape or size. Thank you, G!!!


Enjoy a few of G's brazenly sensual boudoir photos below. (I just love the plaid shirt with polka dot lining and the aqua heels.)  The rest of G's boudoir photography is just too darn sexy for the web!

Ready to feel brazenly confident?

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