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"In companionship and happiness, may you be like milk and honey;
in union and fidelity, just like sugar and halva.
May the blessings of those who toast and the one who pours the wine
anoint the ones who said Amen and the one who said the prayer."


We love ethnic weddings, such as Persian weddings, East Asian weddings, and African weddings! Irene's roots are as a travel, cultural,and humanitarian photographer, and photographing ethnic and multicultural weddings is like going home for us.  Ethnic wedding rituals and traditions get us extra-excited... you might find that we're more excited about these traditions than you are!  That said, because we are only able to accept a handful of wedding photography commissions each year, it's extra-important to us that each and every wedding that we photograph be the perfect fit, both for you and for us.  Are you passionate about dramatic lighting and artistic wedding photography?  Do our core values of artistry, quality, and customer service intersect with your desires?  Do you never want to wish that you'd chosen a different ethnic wedding photographer?  If you answered yes to each of these questions, then wouldn't it be a good idea to chat?

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