"My heart to you is given or do give yours to me. We’ll lock them up together, and throw away the key."


Congratulations on your engagement!  You must be very excited, and we're happy for you!  Selecting your wedding photographer is a singularly important choice, because your wedding photos are your memories, and once that special day has passed, and you've packed your wedding gown, eaten your wedding cake, and partied the day and night away, those memories... your wedding photography... is all you'll have left to help you remember one of the most special days of your lives.


We only accept a handful of wedding photography commissions each year, and so we want each and every wedding that we photograph to be the perfect fit, both for you and for us.  Do you love artistic wedding photography and dramatic lighting?  Do you place the highest value on quality, artistry, and customer service?  Do you never want to say to yourself that you wish you'd chosen a different wedding photographer?  If you answered yes to each of these questions, then wouldn't it be a good idea to chat?

Artistic Wedding Photographer

 "We consulted with SO many wedding photographers for our wedding. We found Irene to be at the top of our affordability range. BUT, her body of work was absolutely amazing. She has an immediately obvious artistic eye, which was something that was very important to us. Aside from her quality, she was also very VERY patient with all our questions, and I cannot say enough about how organized her approach was to the wedding itself. She approaches the photography just as a wedding planner would. The result is that we maximized our time with our friends and family, and the photos are just dazzling. We received our album this week and simply cannot get over how good each and every picture is. It was so hard to choose album photos due to the incredible number of wonderful shots, especially the candid shots. We made a lot of great decisions about our wedding, and absolutely one of the best choices we could have made was getting Irene as our professional wedding photographer. We loved working with her, and hope to do so again sometime (maybe an anniversary party?)."


--Matt & Adriana Williams, Lorton, VA

Ecstatically Enthusiastic Wedding Photography Client

From the Bride:


Artistic Wedding Photographer

 "I can't say enough good things about Irene. From the first moment I contacted her a year ago, up until the wedding photos arrived at our doorstep, Irene was a true professional and thought of every detail. She was so easy to work with and very flexible, even calling me a few days before the wedding to offer up a back-up plan for our bride and groom photos because it was calling for rain on our big day. She was so easy to work with on the big day as well. When we received our photos, we had tears streaming down our faces while we looked at them. They were awesome! She had captured the moments so precisely and beautifully!"


Andrea Haught, New Market, MD

Joyfully Tearful Wedding Photography Client

From the Groom:


Artistic Wedding Photography

 "WOW!!! Thank you, Irene!!!! I just viewed all our wedding pictures! YOU ARE A BAD ASS!!!!!!! And I mean that with all the respect it comes with. You captured everything we wanted to share with the world. Thank you so much!!!! You are a great photographer...One who can capture moments in time with your lens that will never be erased from the history of our lives.....Generations after us will continue to benefit from your eyes through your lens... Thank you so much. I mean it....."


Ryan Day, New Market, MD

Happily Poetic Wedding Photography Client

Want to cry tears of joy every time you look back at your wedding photography?

Artistic Wedding Photographer

 "IRENE IS AWESOME! My hubby & I booked Irene for engagement photography & wedding photography. Working with her was our best wedding vendor decision. We selected Irene for her technical expertise & great customer service.


My hubby is a photography fanatic & has a critical eye for color/contrast & sought out Irene’s wedding photography service because she accurately captures various skin tones (from very dark to fair & the tones in between, & a white wedding gown) all in the same photo without anyone appearing washed out or overly shadowed. In addition to being technically savvy, Irene has great customer service skills. We asked tons of questions throughout our time with Irene & she never made us feel rushed, or unimportant either during a shoot or during our text messages, phone conversations, or emails. More importantly, Irene always worked to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera, especially when we felt awkward as the center of attention... She also accommodated our requests regarding time, location, poses, etc. She consistently responded to emails generally within a few hours, & my text messages were returned promptly.


BOUDOIR PHOTOS: As a surprise to my hubby, I booked Irene for a boudoir photography session. I was nervous about the shoot, but Irene eliminated the awkwardness making it possible for me to enjoy the boudoir session—she did this by picking up on my hesitation & only suggesting poses I was comfortable with.


Irene was punctual to each of our photography sessions & arrived with her camera tools, a smile, & tons of infectious positive energy! Irene embodies friendliness & professionalism. She was a joy to work with. Irene is worth every penny & our photos are GREAT! If you can afford her, do yourself the favor & try to book her! "


--Tammy, Washington, DC

Rapturous Boudoir Photography, Engagement Photography & Wedding Photography Client

Want to feel like you're your wedding photographer's most important client?

Artistic Wedding Photography

 "Irene is excellent in her work. She was thorough in her details, large and small. The experience with her was fantastic. I am a professional photographer myself so finding someone to shoot my own wedding was an issue. I chose Irene because I knew 100% that I would not have to even think about the photography on that day. I knew 100% she would deliver above and beyond my expectations. My wife and I expected nothing but excellence and we received that in spades. The moments, the lighting, the expressions all tie in perfectly to create the memories our family will cherish forever.


Irene has a passion for her work that lacks in many photographers. In fact, calling her a wedding photographer is unfortunate because it almost lumps her in with so many hacks that are calling themselves wedding photographers. Irene is an artist. She wove our story out of light and captured our special day in a way that makes us relive our wedding over and over again. As a professional photographer, I was completely impressed. As a customer I was well taken care of above and beyond what was necessary. And as a person, my wife and I feel Irene has forged a connection with us that will keep us coming back as our family blossoms in the future. You are in the hands of an accomplished artist with Irene, a competent business owner, and a solid, respectable professional. My wife and I fully recommend her with our highest praise."


--Tony & Jackie Ventouris, Silver Spring, MD

Passionately Pleased  Engagement Photography, Wedding Photography, and Boudoir Photography Client

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